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Hungarian Fake News Media Attacks Matt Forney!

NOTE: Last week, I was one of the subjects of a hit piece by Hungarian leftist magazine Magyar Narancs on the alt-right expat community in Budapest. In addition to me, Magyar Narancs also attacked Daniel Friberg, Melissa Mészáros, RAMZPAUL, Tor Westman, Nick Griffin and several others, falsely trying to claim that we’re agents of the Russian secret service. Magyar Narancs is a dying publication with little circulation and is primarily kept afloat by George Soros.

This is an English translation of the first page of the article (only available in the print edition), which focuses on me. I’ve added relevant hyperlinks. Thanks to Melissa for translating.

The blogger Matt Forney, who belongs to the American alt-right movement, moved here last year. The alt-right are those provocative bloggers and activists who condemn political correctness and traditional conservatism while at the same time advertising white supremacy; neo-Nazism lies near to them, as well. At a conference in Washington, they celebrated the victory of Donald Trump with Nazi salutes and shouts of “Hail Trump!” Their leader, Richard Spencer, organized a white supremacist conference in Budapest two years ago, but he was arrested in a bar and the Hungarian government shut down the event after deeming the organizers racist. In an article in the Washington Post, Matt Forney is described as a significant figure who writes not only about his support of white supremacy, but of male supremacy, too. According to Forney, women are just the “side characters of the movement” and “they are unimportant” since men “give the revolution its power.” In one of his videos, he shows considerable worry over the rights of women to vote.

Forney now lives and works in Budapest. In one of his blog posts, he gathered into points how pleasant the Hungarian capital is. Let’s gaze in wonder and behold: “The metro here arrives on time, not like in New York. (…) Buses and trams are clean, pleasant, and safe. (…) The elevators and stairwells are clean and don’t smell like piss. (…) Unlike Americans, Hungarians can keep the basic infrastructure a city needs to operate running.” And: “The pleasantness of Hungarians extends to how they interact with each other. In Budapest, people still have normal social lives. In public, you’ll see men holding hands with their girlfriends and daughters holding hands with their mothers.”

Forney is also enthusiastic because Hungarian women are not only “gorgeous,” but more conservative than their Western counterparts, and he likewise displayed excitement over only having spotted one lesbian couple here. His fanaticism also has political reasons. This is the beginning of a different writing from the 29-year-old [I’m actually only 28 – ed.] Forney: “Imagine there’s no leftists. It’s easy if you try. No protests in the streets, and in front of us, only cute white girls. That world exists, and it’s called Hungary, where the left is tiny, impotent and despised.” Forney adores Viktor Orbán’s many policies: the fence, the kicking of “Sorosbérenc” [untranslatable Hungarian derogatory term for leftist protestors paid for by George Soros – ed.] or the fact that Orbán had engraved into the constitution that marriage is only possible between one man and one woman. Forney personally watched Együtt’s anti-Putin protest, which he afterwards described as “weak and pathetic.” His final words: “So the next time you watch antifas throwing Molotov cocktails on live television (…) think of Hungary. The left can be defeated, reduced to sideshow acts, because Viktor Orbán has already done it in his country.”

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  • positron1

    “derogatory term for leftist protestors paid for by George Soros” seems like a pretty good translation.

  • John A. Cecil Mba

    Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Forney!

  • Jack

    where in this does it accuse you of being russian agents? how is this a hit piece?