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The Hungarian Election: The Hungarian Left is Giving Up

I haven’t filed an update about the Hungarian election in two weeks due to both my computer breaking—it was out of commission for a week—and because there hasn’t been much to say. The Hungarian left and the international fake news media have been throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Teflon Viktor Orbán, only for it to bounce off and hit them in the face. For example, the left have been reduced to whining about Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén’s hunting trips in Sweden.

English-language left-wing propaganda rags like the Hungarian Fake Press and Hungarian Sputum have finally, slowly conceded reality: Fidesz is going to be reelected this Sunday. The opposition parties have not only failed to form a grand alliance to take on Orbán, they can’t even agree on how to strategically withdraw their constituency candidates in order to keep Fidesz from racking up wins through vote-splitting.

The logic that merely putting forth a single opposition candidate in each constituency would be enough to defeat Fidesz doesn’t work. For example, if Jobbik were to withdraw its candidates to back a left-wing politician, Jobbik’s voters would be just as likely to support Fidesz—a fellow right-wing party—over a leftist one that opposes everything they believe in. Similarly, if asked to back a Jobbik candidate, many left-wing voters would prefer Fidesz due to Jobbik’s history of anti-Semitism. Some opposition voters might back independent candidates or simply not vote altogether. It’s akin to how #NeverTrump cuckservatives asserted that Donald Trump could be defeated in the Republican primary if all of the other candidates save one were to withdraw, which didn’t come to pass.

If the left was capable of forming a sensible resistance to Fidesz, they would not be talking about tactical voting and alliances: they would be merging into a single party that would present a unified platform. The fact that Ferenc Gyurcsány, Bernadett Szél and the other major left leaders can’t do that—indeed, they keep fragmenting into smaller and smaller parties—shows that they lack the ability to win elections and govern the country.

The central problem with the Hungarian opposition is that they lack a positive vision for the country: their platforms boil down to “Viktor Orbán is a big meanie.” Given the external and internal pressures that Hungary is suffering right now, merely being against Fidesz isn’t enough. While Hungarians may have problems with Orbán, the reality is that putting the opposition clown show in charge will ensure that Hungary is overwhelmed by migrants.

And the more the opposition runs its mouth, the more it ruins its already remote chances of winning. For example, Péter Márki-Zay, whose recent victory in the Hódmezővásárhely mayoral election helped give false hope to the opposition, is now tripping on his dick with a new political program designed to enslave Hungary to globalist whims. For example, one of Márki-Zay’s points is introducing the euro in Hungary, which will not only strip the country of the ability to control its own money supply, but cause massive Greece-style disruption due to the euro’s overvaluation relative to Hungarian economic output.

It’s not only clear that Fidesz will cruise to victory on Sunday, but the leftist opposition will be fragmented due to votes being nearly evenly split between MSZP-Párbeszéd, DK, LMP, and other parties. Jobbik will likely emerge as the largest opposition party, but their ideological incoherence and their betrayal of their nationalist base have all but ensured they will vanish over the next four years. Orbán’s illiberal democracy will not only survive in Hungary, but continue inspiring nationalists in other European countries, signaling an end to the globalist world order.

To victory!

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