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Huperzine Will Transform Your Brain

huperzineAmong nootropics, huperzine is an absolute game-changer. While not as life-changing as phenibut, it offers so many benefits that I’m shocked that the FDA hasn’t outlawed it yet. Can’t have anyone cutting into Big Pharma’s profits, after all.

Why is it so wonderful? It’s a drug that literally makes you smarter.

When I take huperzine, my short-term memory recall goes through the roof and my ability to focus and absorb information skyrockets. If I’m reading a dense book or studying a complex subject, taking it beforehand makes it easier for me to take in and retain whatever I’m learning. The effect is so strong that it’s amazing that this stuff is available over the counter.

If you’re in the market for nootropics, huperzine is one of the most important ones you can buy.

How Huperzine Boosts Your Brain

Huperzine’s primary function is fostering the circulation of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that aids responsiveness to stimuli and decision-making. At present, it’s used to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, whose brains are associated with decreased levels of acetylcholine. But even if you aren’t going senile, it can aid your existing brain function.

If your brain is a car, taking huperzine is like adding gas to the tank.

Huperzine’s effects come on almost immediately. When I take 200 micrograms of the stuff, within 20 minutes, I can feel my senses becoming sharper. My vision is more vibrant, with colors appearing brighter. Similarly to how phenibut works, music sounds richer and more complex. The effect is also long-lasting: up to 12 hours.

Combining it with vinpocetine and phenibut leads to an even stronger nootropic punch.

More importantly, when I’m on huperzine, my memory improves almost immediately. I can recall facts and details more quickly and easily, and I no longer have the “tip of the tongue” phenomena where I forget things as I’m just about to say them. Additionally, when I’m reading something denser than a blog post, I can digest the information more efficiently without having to take notes or re-read passages.

Finally, huperzine is also apparently helpful if you’re interested in lucid dreaming. According to Tim Ferriss’ blog, taking it 30 minutes before bedtime will aid in lucid dreaming. He advises against combining it with melatonin, though I personally haven’t noticed any adverse effects.

Keep in mind that huperzine needs to be cycled in order to keep your brain from developing a tolerance. Currently, I take it for four days straight (the days I need it most), then cycle off for the remaining three days of the week. Alternately, only take it on the days that you really need it.

Overall, huperzine is one of the most effective—and unbelievably powerful—methods for enhancing your brain. Few if any other over-the-counter supplements will improve your cognitive functions this readily.

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  • Pieter C.

    Thanks for the review, already ordered some on Amazon!

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  • twn5858 .

    How’d you like it? This Matt Forney dude oversells things so I don’t trust what he has to say.

  • Pieter C.

    It works. If you don’t trust the guy, then why are you on the site?

  • hydamnynn

    Hey Matt. You said that the effect of Huperzine A kicks in very quickly. However I bought the same brand and didnt see any results. The seller said I’ll havr to take it for about 10 days to see results(improved memory). Can you explain that?