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My Husband the Rapist


NOTE: A year ago, I ran a blog named Virginia’s Secret Garden for the purpose of making fun of “red pill women” and their beta orbiters in the manosphere. I wrote under the nom-de-plume of “Virginia Robinson,” a happy submissive Christian housewife living in the Midwest… who blogged about her sex life in nauseating detail. You can read more about the hoax here.

Because I’m no longer updating the site, I’ve decided to let the domain expire. Here is one of the articles I wrote for the blog, originally published on January 27, 2014.

I fell on the bed squirming and writhing, my half-undone bra fluttering around me. The man glared at me with evil in his eyes.

“No… please… don’t…” I begged him.

“I told you to shut up!” he growled as he slapped me across the face.

This was the last straw. I started bawling, my face morphing into contortions of fear and hate. My tears were cut short by a cold metal sensation against my temple.

“If you make so much as another peep, you die.” The man poked the barrel of his pistol against my head.


Terrified, I shut my mouth, tears continuing to stream down my cheeks. Producing a penknife, the man sliced my panties off, slightly nicking the side of my hip with the blade. Flipping me on my back, he shoved my face into the pillow. I could hear him undoing his belt. I wanted to fight him, but it felt as all the strength had been drained from my bones. I was paralyzed, helpless.

“This is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt me,” he taunted.

A jolt of fear went up my spine. I felt the tip of his cock teasing my pussy, which was dripping with juices. The pillowcase was stained with my sweat and tears.

Satisfied with my involuntary arousal, the man plunged his prick deep inside me. My legs seized up in response. I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I was… enjoying this. Clasping my cheeks with both hands, the man violated me with pitch-perfect rhythm, each slam against my cervix bringing me closer to nirvana. Smacking my face back into the pillow, a strained scream escaped my lips, muffled by the fabric.

“Oooooh, aaaaah, oooooh…” my assailant grunted. As he ravaged my body, his strokes became quicker and more vigorous. We were both going to blow.

“Mmmmmm…” My body was wracked with convulsions. Regaining the use of my arms, I gripped the railing for dear life.


The man stopped thrusting. I felt his cock twitch, and an ocean of cum flooded my pussy. He released his grip as I panted into the pillow. I felt terrified, aroused, and most of all, satisfied. Rolling over onto my back, I gathered up the courage to face my attacker.

“That was wonderful,” I purred. “I love you, honey.”

“I can tell,” my husband replied.


I was inspired to tell this little story after reading Runsonmagic’s article “How Women Train Men to Rape” over at Return of Kings. His words resonated with me because they’re the truth: we ladies do teach men to rape us (or at least treat us roughly in bed, haha). I certainly did it to my husband.

When we first married, my husband was extremely gentle in bed. He assumed that because I was a virgin that I would be put off by the rough, violent sex he was used to. And while I was fine with him taking it slow at first, over time I became progressively dissatisfied with our bedroom sessions. This combined with our frequent fights nearly ended our marriage.

I started by asking my husband to be more aggressive in the bedroom; pulling my hair, slapping me on the butt, telling me to do things instead of asking me. The first time we tried it, I kept mouthing “no no no”; he immediately stopped. I then asked him why he stopped and tried to tell him that just because I say “no” doesn’t mean I actually mean it. I wasn’t trying to fight him or get him off me; I sat back and passively submitted to his ministrations. I told my husband to ignore my words and watch my actions instead.

That night, I came harder than I’d ever came before. :D

Ever since then, my husband has a free hand in dominating me in the bedroom. He’s learned that in my case, “no” means “yes” most of the time, and “stop” means “no.” He’s told me he’s somewhat uncomfortable with the things he does to me, but he keeps it up because it’s what my body craves, haha. But had I never told or shown him this was what I wanted, he would still be handling me with kid gloves.

Bottom line, fellas: just because a girl’s telling you “no” doesn’t mean she wants you to stop. It’s on us ladies to say what we mean and mean what we say. We shouldn’t treat “no” in bed in the casual way we do, hehe.

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  • Ugh. Just like literally every single other “woman-enjoys-rape-story-as-written-by-a-woman”, it’s written by a fucking clueless man.

    I think I sprained my neck shaking my head at this shizz.

  • GerryAllwin

    “Rape” can be enjoyable while rape (“legitimate” – the real thing) is terrifying. If she has confidence that he won’t do her any real harm, it’s like acting-out her rape fantasies for real.
    I had a girlfriend years ago who liked to be wrestled down and held by her wrists up above her head while on her back on her bed. It was initially difficult for me to please her as I am very averse to using force on others. She said that she had been actually (“legitimately”) raped several times and afterwards, when the rapist had not harmed her, she had pleasurable memories of the rape despite being terrified at the time. So, she enjoyed being treated the same way those gentle rapists had done. About a year after we went our separate ways, she called me late at night and asked me to come over. When I got there, she was wearing a shirt and panties, which was being dressed up at home. When we were together she was always naked when at either of our homes. We hugged and then sat on her sofa while she told me that she had been raped by a former boyfriend at gunpoint. It was totally unnecessary to threaten this woman to have sex with her. After he finished in her – as a note, the only kind of sex she would do was p-i-v; no oral, handjob, nothing but straight intercourse – the scum cocked the gun and snapped it at her, then made some kind of nonsensical comment.
    By the time she called me, she had tested positive. She asked me, among other things, if it was OK to have sex when pregnant. Now, I thought that was a total BS question. I answered it anyway, that yes, unless her ob-gyn advised her not to because of some problem, it was just fine. I wasn’t sure but I suspected that she wanted me to “rape” her.

  • GerryAllwin

    Having natural p-i-v sex isn’t comparable to being kicked in the balls. If it was, to have sex women would have to be forced.

  • I am more than a little scared that you read what I wrote and you see no difference between rape and “natural” p-i-v sex.

    I stand 100% by what I wrote: p-i-v sex can be EXCELLENT when it is not rape. “Rough sex” is not rape. And just so you know, more men ask to be kicked, punched, or caned in the goods than women ask to be raped or roughed up. THAT is why I compared consensual sex vs. rape to being kicked in the testicles. One is fine when consensual, one is NOT fine if NOT consensual. Many men on BDSM sites beg for CBT and they lament the dearth of women willing to perform it. Men have to do self-CBT which is akin to just maturbating. {wah-wahhh}

    Writing articles about “what women love in bed” while in fact you are NOT a woman is shitty, deceitful, and damaging not just to the [female] victims that will no doubt be created, but also damaging to the highly gullible men who took the lying male author at “her” word. If a man tried this garbage with ME simply because some lying misogynist wrote a lying misogynist article about how women love to be hurt against our will… well, I would soon be at the police station explaining the blood on my hands. THAT is why I likened this completely faked “I’m a woman and you should believe me when I say women love to be held down and hurt” story to stories written by women pretending to be dudes instructing women to start kicking their lovers in his goods “because men soooo totally love getting kicked in the goods, dontcha know”.

    Those men and women who DO enjoy rough play AIN’T shy about saying so. Forcing it when it’s not being asked for is a classic way to send yourself to prison, right where you belong.

  • Role play is diametrically opposed to real play. Calling your partner “Mommy” or “Daddy” during sex is OK in role play… but not in real play.

    Please know the difference between felonious sexual assault and “fun”, ffs.

  • thesteelguy

    depends on how attractive the man is. if you think women don’t like being violated against their overt will by attractive men, then you’re certainly lying.

  • Absolutely, 100% FALSE. You mistakenly conflate what men care about (looks) and apply it to women. We give the tiniest fukc about a man’s appearance. I personally know too many women and girls who were the recipient of dumbfukc statements like, “Wow, you’re pressing charges against that guy? If more rapists look like that I bet prisons would be empty”, implying FOOLISHLY that women would not press charges just because the guy was [in some cases] super hot.

    I think you enjoy getting lied to by PUAs, as it means you don’t have to do much thinking yourself.

  • Rohan Zener

    Wanna know what has to be forced? Heartplugs. Because they can bleed a person to death by suffocation if pulled, no sensible person would accept one voluntarily.

  • Rohan Zener

    Perhaps i ought to dice you up as part of a banquet.

  • A penis is a reaaaally good place to practice one’s dicing skills first.

    Of course, you probably couldn’t even provide enough meat for one hors d’oeuvre ;)

  • Rohan Zener

    I prefer doing it with a heart, thank you very much. In fact, i’d be OVERJOYED if i could find a vagina to draw and quarter, to state how evil women turn out once they marry.

  • Well, if it’s a vagina you want, try Dr. Marci Lee Bowers, M.D. She can give you one.

  • pabl roma

    “Ugh. Just like literally every single other “woman-enjoys-rape-story-as-written-by-a-woman”, it’s written by a fucking clueless man”
    Sorry I don’t agree. Have you heard about a book called ’50 shades of…”?
    It’s sad that some people may want to be in or fantasize about relationships based on violence abuse (bdsm is just that, and an euphemism for these words). I wish all women and men could be aware that the only possible relationships are based on love, equality and respect of the other above all. But the success of books like the one mentioned above is the proof too many still don’t know this
    By the way this writer is great. You may be the first bdsm promoter/ lover I see who looks upset about it instead of bragging about it. You really look like you are on defensive mode. Are you too upset about learning the consequences to which these ideas lead? It’s never too late to change.

  • False. BDSM Is based 100% on consent of the sub. Illiterate bozos like the joke who wrote this garbage are all too-joyous to discount consent as something that need only be one-sided. The homo-erotic implications of Matt Forney’s frequent female personae are too distasteful to think about, alas, he has just as many male fake personae he utilizes as well, mostly to pretend like he’s a completely other person praising the Matt Forney turds/articles he plops out. (I mean, someone has to.)

    “It’s never too late to change.”
    I disagree. Matt Forney is probably pushing fifty, maybe fifty-five; I don’t see him changing without the benefit of a much-needed lobotomy.

  • pabl roma

    It may be difficult for you to understand, inflicting real violence willingly on anyone is cruel and unacceptable, no matter the consent of everyone. And when I spoke about changing I meant YOU could change, I wasn’t referring to him here (even though he is disgustingly sexist he points out the defects behind your ideas).

  • Interesting how you’re trying very, very hard to suggest that it “may be difficult for [me] to understand” what constitutes rape and/or coerced violence, when in fact it was ME trying to get YOU and this author to understand that very thing. *I* am not the one(s) on the wrong side of this.

    Even for a Matt Forney-level troll, you’re pretty weak. I have to wonder if this is just another Ferdinand Bardamu appearance.

  • Tea Yo

    Their are worlds between rape and rough sex. No woman teaches rape. No woman wants worlds most cruel death called rape.
    If a woman says “no” it means no, unless she explains it does mean “yes” in the bedroom. Not all women want rough sex.

  • Tea Yo

    Fifty shades of grey is written by a man.

  • Tea Yo

    The most evil and dumb creatures I met were men, they had no logic; be it on leading wars, creating weapons and bombs, or raping (means; murdering someone in the worst way, imagine being raped by a man).

  • Rohan Zener

    Men have to make it abundantly clear that they will go to war to protect their people. It is obviously something for which you are ungrateful. So foreigners will think twice before getting in masculine leaders’ bad books. Women though, could be walked all over, especially since their periods suspend all their logic and cause them to so-often have intensive episodes of fits and meltdowns, among other emotionally outbursts like, dare i mention, tantrums.

    Before you accuse me of throwing a tantrum myself, i was actually smiling in anticipation of what you might say next. In fact, living alone, and getting to embark on adventures at will since i left my mother’s house, i am almost certainly happier than i have bothered to show…

  • BobTrent

    The “ocean of semen” bullshit marks this as jackoff p0rn. The usual “ocean” is ⅓-½ teaspoon. An entire teaspoonful of semen qualifies as “massive” in the semen quantity comparisons.
    Unless she’s used to being jizzed by horses.

  • BobTrent

    Guys who like that might oughta try nailing their peckerheads to boards. Connecting their balls to electricity might be a suitable entertainment.

  • Samantha Stephens

    My goodness!

    You are certainly a nasty, bitter, misandric little monster!
    I’ll just bet you’re a fat, hairy, disgusting pig that man would touch with a ten foot pole – hence the bitterness.

    Nasty! nasty! nasty! sow – you really should seek professional help, or maybe loose a couple of hundred pounds, shave your back, and learn to act like a lady.

    You’re a disgrace to real women everywhere!