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I Take the Cappy Cap Logic Challenge


Captain Capitalism has thrown down the gauntlet:

The easy part is to link this to the lack of fathers.

The hard part (and where we will test your economist mettle) is to explain how the majority of victims brought this upon themselves, have only themselves to blame and the delicious irony that has resulted (and consequently sweetened our official “Enjoy the Decline” drinks!).

Here’s my response.

The increased bullying of teachers and the like can be linked to the lack of fathers because boys raised by single mothers are rowdier, more violent, more criminally inclined etc. When I was in elementary school, pretty much all the fatherless kids I knew were screwed up in various ways. All of the bullies I tangled with came from single mothers.

Now for the “hard” part: explaining how the bullied teachers brought this upon themselves. That’s easy; educators, like all government flunkies, are disproportionately liberals and benefit from the expansion of government. They’ve supported, aided and abetted the ruthless expansion of the welfare state, which has directly created more single mothers by making fatherhood obsolete (in the form of WIC, welfare etc.) and thus created more rowdy, out-of-control boys. They’ve also facilitated the transformation of public schools from locations of learning into holding pens for America’s future criminals.

In other words, liberal do-gooderness has directly resulted in the rise of a crueler and more sociopathic class of boys.

I have more to say on this “bullying” crap… next week.

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