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Illinois Campaign Dispatch, Part 1: Bill Clinton Has Aides

I kicked off my coverage of the Illinois primary this morning by sojourning up the Purple Line to Evanston, where Bill Clinton was giving a speech at Beth Emet the Free Synagogue in support of his infinitely less charismatic wife.

Roughly 200-300 people showed up, with the event emceed by Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. In a marked departure from the Iowa Hillary events I’d been to, the mood at this rally was ebullient. Additionally, Tisdahl and Schakowsky brought the knives out, attacking Bernie Sanders by name (which never happened in Iowa) and castigating him for his supposed opposition to gun control.

Clinton himself took the stage at 11am, looking and sounding like he’d contracted a horrible disease. His voice was hoarse and shaky, he was freakishly skinny, and he appeared to have what looked like an AIDS lesion on his forehead. I recorded part of his speech, and you can watch it below:

You can check out my recap of the rally in this video:

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My written account of the Clinton rally is here.

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