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Illinois Campaign Dispatch, Part 2: John Kasich Hates You

On Wednesday, my Illinois election odyssey took me to a John Kasich town hall at Navistar’s world headquarters in Lisle and to a Heidi Cruz meet and greet at the Pick in Park Ridge.

The Kasich town hall was surprisingly packed, considering his reputation as the pragmatic, “boring” candidate in the race. By the time he actually arrived to speak, a good 500 people had shown up, and the bottom floor was so packed that people were lining up on the levels above us for a bird’s eye view of the man. While the bulk of the attendees were probably old enough to be collecting Social Security checks, they were actually fired up to see Kasich and were supporting him because he’s the most experienced GOP candidate.

They’re also too dense to notice Kasich’s blatant misanthropy. His stump speech was laced with contempt for not just the audience, but for the Republican primary voters as well for not appreciating his “positive” campaign and his “proven record” of getting things done:

Later that night, I headed out to Park Ridge for the Heidi Cruz event. Unfortunately, I missed most of it because I got on the wrong Metra train and ended up in Arlington Heights instead. I took an Uber to Park Ridge, but by the time I got there, Cruz was wrapping up her speech:

The most entertaining thing about the Cruz event by far were these protesters outside trying to troll her:


Every time Heidi Cruz would pose for a picture with one of her husband’s atherosclerotic fans, they’d roll up behind her waving their signs, and whenever she moved to avoid them, they were hot on their heels. I asked them who they were voting for and they said, “We’ve voting for whatever candidate respects civil liberties.”

You can watch my recap of the day’s events in this video:

My written account of the Kasich event can be found here, and my report on the Cruz event is here.

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