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Illinois Campaign Dispatch, Part 3: How Violent Marxists Shut Down Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally

Yesterday, I headed downtown for Donald Trump’s rally at the UIC Pavilion. Unfortunately, agitators and Bernie Sanders supporters invaded the Pavilion en masse and forced Trump to cancel the event by threatening to instigate a riot. I was able to witness the situation inside, where several hundred Marxist rioters had infiltrated the rally and coordinated a plot to shut it down, while my friend Ann Sterzinger was outside and witnessed the protesters stirring up trouble on the streets.

One of my readers, Dr. Caveman, was in the middle of a gang of Sanders’ goons and got some absolutely great video of the chaos. You can watch his recordings in the YouTube playlist below:

Ann and I obtained footage of what happened outside the Pavilion. Watch it via the playlist below:

You can learn more about what we saw at the rally by watching our wrap-up video below:

My written account of what happened is here.

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  • Karl Ushanka

    I’m glad you two made it out of there safely. Not everybody survives the Communist onslaught. Thanks for the report.

    Can we now agree that Trump is the most conservative GOP candidate? We can even go so far as to brag that “Trump brings people together.”

  • manuel hernandez

    Is it just spite on your part? After all, conservatives have been failing at this for years now. Don’t believe me, just look at the failed Oregon “occupation” that, btw, nobody seems talks about anymore. Look, I don’t like this people myself, but they do have a sense or organization. Meanwhile, the rest of you are just Trump sheep. Hope Trump doesn’t screw you over.Seriously, pray he doesn’t do that, or else I’ll laugh in you faces.

  • Elmer The Jones

    They are winning the tantrum but losing the war.

  • I think the reason they have such a large reaction to Trump is because he is the only candidate that can potentially actually bring about a semblance of sanity to America. They know Rubio and Cruz are beta schlubs and will toe the line like the good little cucks they are. Now Trump could be in it to but regardless he’s still the best bet.

  • Look how proud the protesters are when they succeed in stopping the rally. Don’t American schoolkids get the Bill of Rights beaten into them any more?

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  • Howard Roark

    Is it just me or is IJR intentionally bashing Trump?

  • bucky

    they know rubio and cruz will lose.

  • bucky

    certainly not the free speech part. free speech is pretty much dead in the US. it’s generally interpreted as “speech that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings” nowadays.

  • Everleigh

    This blog is a pitiful circle jerk.

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  • Son of Efreet

    Keep up the good work Forney.

  • Aldous Huxley

    Donald Trump, educating the (perhaps former) cucks that these people will never be their ‘friends’ (only pretend to be to take advantage of them) very clearly. He planned this, and I am glad he did it. Trump’s support is now not only growing, but galvanized against people like this disrupting his message.

  • trickishknave

    Look, a minority against conservatism. How totally out of character…

  • trickishknave

    Don’t worry. Soon it will be your turn in the barrel.

  • Skeletor

    (_)_)::::::::::::::D ~~~~~~~~~~ blast off!

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  • Jagger

    In Australia, we think our world is out of balance when our cricket trophy cabinet is not full. In terms of world balance, America needs Trump because if you guys thought Russia were difficult to beat, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. China. Knocking the one child policy was not a good start and it was to our advantage they stopped breeding anyway. Now they have been embarrassed into breeding again they are going to resemble a locust plague until something’s got to give. That dam will burst and when it does we will be left picking up the pieces. Obama is their doormat and we are relying on you guys to fight the good fight. We will back you until the cows come home if you guys vote Trump in as President.

  • Jagger

    Can someone please explain to me, how Hillary Clinton can become President after leaking information and getting American operatives slaughtered? How can treason be swept under the carpet and why isn’t she in jail?

  • Jagger

    You lefties paint conservatives as gun toting hicks when it suits you and then you have the temerity to call us sheep when we vote for the Republicans. Make up your mind. Sheep don’t shoot us Mr soon-to-be-wall-builder. We shoot THEM.

  • Jagger

    Its not called “Socialist media”. You forgot that “Social media” means everyone can do it, didn’t you?

  • Jagger

    Personally, I think its wonderful that everyone gets a say these days and not just the dykes and the poofters writing for the New York Times telling everyone how to think. I can understand this would come as a complete shock to you but praise The Lord the NYT doesn’t sell too well in Dixie.

  • manuel hernandez

    How do you know I’m a leftie? And let’s face it, most of you were crazy about Cruz himself.

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