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Illinois Campaign Dispatch, Part 3: How Violent Marxists Shut Down Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally

Yesterday, I headed downtown for Donald Trump’s rally at the UIC Pavilion. Unfortunately, agitators and Bernie Sanders supporters invaded the Pavilion en masse and forced Trump to cancel the event by threatening to instigate a riot. I was able to witness the situation inside, where several hundred Marxist rioters had infiltrated the rally and coordinated a plot to shut it down, while my friend Ann Sterzinger was outside and witnessed the protesters stirring up trouble on the streets.

One of my readers, Dr. Caveman, was in the middle of a gang of Sanders’ goons and got some absolutely great video of the chaos. You can watch his recordings in the YouTube playlist below:

Ann and I obtained footage of what happened outside the Pavilion. Watch it via the playlist below:

You can learn more about what we saw at the rally by watching our wrap-up video below:

To watch the video on YouTube, click here. To watch it on BitChute, click here. For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel here and my BitChute channel here.

My written account of what happened is here.

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