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Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

It’s time for me to eat my words.

The last time I voted was in 2011, a local election year. Not even sure why I bothered, considering that the incumbent county executive—the most important race on the ballot—was running unopposed. I not only haven’t voted since then, I’ve told other men not to vote either, based on the fact that doing so is pointless. When the Republicans aren’t cowering impotently in the face of the left—despite controlling one third of the federal government—they’re trying to out-progressive the progressives in an attempt to peel off some of those coveted minority votes.

There’s zero reason for me to get fired up about voting for a party that’s taking the country leftward at a slightly slower rate than the Democrats.

Fast forward to today. In the year 2015, a reality TV star is not only leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination, he’s doing so by being more conservative than his competitors. He’s crushed the poll numbers of Jeb Bush, whom everyone assumed would be crowned the nominee, and forced two other establishment candidates (Scott Walker and Rick Perry) out of the race entirely. Polls consistently show that he’s the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

So it’s time for me to bite the bullet: I am voting for Donald Trump in the Illinois Republican presidential primary.

Or at least I’m going to try to vote. Without belaboring the point, there’s a ton of work I still need to do now that I’m established in Chicago, and I may not be eligible to vote by the time the deadline comes. Motivating me is the fact that Illinois’ primary is early enough in the race that my vote will actually matter somewhat. Contrast that with my native New York, which holds its primary so late that you might as well just stay home and masturbate for all the effect you’ll have.

Donald Trump is not a savior, and I truly doubt he’ll be able to “make America great again.” The fact that a pompadoured reality TV star is by far the best candidate for president really shows how far our country has slid into the toilet bowl. None of that matters.

I’m voting for Trump for one simple reason: he’s the first major conservative figure who has managed to push the national dialogue rightward.

For the past hundred years, America’s political dialogue has consisted of the left pushing the nation into ever-increasing government power, moral degeneracy and thought control, with the right ineffectually trying to hold the line. Bill Buckley’s quip about conservatives standing athwart history yelling “STOP!” illustrates the Hitler’s bunker mentality of mainstream right-wingers.

Today’s leftists become tomorrow’s conservatives and the next day’s reactionaries as society descends into multicultural madness.

Leftists claim that their triumphs are the result of a natural progression, humanity gradually shedding its base prejudices to become enlightened and tolerant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The leftward drift of the West is the result of deliberate social engineering designed to undermine America and destroy it from within. From the schools to social media to the boob tube, the left has worked tirelessly to subvert traditional America and indoctrinate successive generations.

For example, take gay marriage. Fifty years ago, even the most foul, unwashed Yippie would have raised an eyebrow at the idea of men marrying other men. The march towards gay marriage was the result of decades of brainwashing on the part of the left, portraying homosexuals as harmless, friendly fashionistas, covering up their deviant sexual fetishes, astronomical rates of venereal disease, and predilection for raping boys.

TV shows like Will and Grace are examples of how leftists progressively wiped the deleterious aspects of homosexuality from public memory, to the point that even acknowledging the facts—for example, the fact that lesbians beat their girlfriends/wives at a much higher rate than straight men—will get you tarred as a “homophobe.” Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, anyone who doesn’t accede to the Gay Mafia is persecuted by the state and run out of business; I’m sure we’ll be seeing prison sentences handed out to “homophobes” in the future.

The left is currently trying to normalize transsexuality and pedophilia in the same way that they normalized anal barebacking. The elevation of a long-forgotten athlete like Bruce Jenner to the status of a saint just for putting on a dress and calling himself “Caitlyn” is proof of this. Salon’s article “I’m a Pedophile, Not a Monster” angered so many people because they’re starting to notice the left’s game plan: normalizing deviant behavior opens the way to enshrining it in law and punishing anyone who opposes it.

Every other political issue in America—and the West at large—is defined by the left’s push towards greater degeneracy, deracination and chaos. Slavery and Jim Crow are the justifications for ethnically cleansing whites out of cities like Detroit, Baltimore and Syracuse. Airdropping Somali “refugees” who can’t even speak English into lily-white towns in Minnesota and Maine is A-OK because America is a “nation of immigrants.” The list goes on and on.

In the game of politics, the left always advances and the right always retreats, maybe while firing a couple token shots in the air so they don’t feel like total cowards.

Donald Trump is the first major political figure who is not only capable of moving the national dialogue rightward, he’s better at manipulating political opinion than the leftists he opposes. Merely on the crucial issue of immigration—one that will determine if there will even be an America in the coming decades—he has been an invaluable asset. Since Trump’s entry into the presidential race, not only has deporting illegal aliens en masse reentered the national dialogue, people are seriously talking about building a wall on the southern border, ending the anchor baby scam, and punishing “sanctuary cities” like Chicago.

Prior to this, the GOP had so accepted that the left would get their way on this issue that Jeb “Illegal Immigration is an Act of Love” Bush was their front-runner for the nomination.


Trump’s ability to control the public dialogue—the reason why his business career has been so successful—is why he’s so feared by the left and cuckservatives. Decades of getting punched in the face by cultural Marxism has bred a conservative intelligentsia that is timid, fearful and cowardly. They’re like nerds who give up their lunch money preemptively, saving the school bully from having to get his hands dirty.

Trump scares them because he shows how impotent they are. Cuckservatives assume that they will lose the battle of public opinion because of the inevitable march of history; Trump proves that they’re losing because of their own incompetence.

Trump is showing the world that not only is the emperor naked, his dick is the size of a clit.

No other GOP political figure in America has Trump’s mastery of persuasion, which is why none of them can win the general election and/or turn back the tide of left-wing sewage that is drowning our nation. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at his competition (excluding obvious cucks like Jeb Bush and polling amoebae like George Pataki):

  • Ben Carson? His success is due entirely to cuckservatives’ yearning for a magic negro figure to show that the Democrats are the real racists. I fully expect Carson’s candidacy to implode in a “Where the White Women At?” scandal, the same kind that felled Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and every other black Republican of importance.
  • Marco Rubio is Jeb Bush with extra vowels. He was elected with Tea Party support, then immediately cucked for Obama on the immigration issue. No thank you.
  • Ted Cruz is right on most of the issues, but he’s hampered by the fact that he looks like a lesbian who records ASMR videos in his spare time.
  • Carly Fiorina is Trump sans the balls, the persuasiveness, the talent, and the integrity.
  • Rand Paul killed his chances for the presidency when he snuggled up to Al Sharpton in a sad attempt to win black votes. While Ron Paul was never going to expand his base beyond the autismo-libertarian set, Rand screwed himself. History repeated itself first as tragedy, then as farce.

Trying to trash Trump for “flip-flopping” on the issues or being a former Democrat is pointless seeing as every other major candidate the GOP has tried to foist on us has done the same. Take Mitt Romney, a man who probably can’t decide what to eat for dinner without sticking his finger into the wind first. As for Trump’s former party affiliation, many of the most vocal thundercucks are declaring that they will back Jim Webb—an actual Democrat who signed off on most of Obama’s agenda—for president before they vote for the Donald.

Cuckservatives are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome for one reason: they’ve been prepping the bull for so long that they’re starting to enjoy it.

What Donald Trump represents is worth voting for. I’m not enamored of the man, but what he represents is so significant that I can’t ignore it. In the past year, cultural Marxism has been dealt serious blows in the form of GamerGate, the rise of the alternative right and neomasculinity, and the popularity of the “cuckservative” epithet. It’s time to take the fight into the political arena.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is the closest America will come to redemption, the last triumph of nationalism before the left swamps us with hordes of barely literate foreigners who will vote them into a permanent majority. I’m not going to sit back and pretend that both parties are identical when one of them is presenting a clear alternative to decay and decline.

What are you going to do?

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