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Important Update on My Fundraiser to Cover the RNC and DNC

UPDATE: As of Thursday, July 14th, I’ve made my fundraising goal. Thanks to everyone who donated. If you still want to help me out, you’re welcome to do so.

For the past month, I’ve been raising money so I can attend and report on the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively. The original deadline for my fundraiser was July 8 (this Friday), and as of this writing, I’m halfway to my goal. (See my original post on the fundraiser here and an update I made here for more information.)

However, in order to better report on the conventions, I will be announcing a major change to my plans later in the week.

I can’t reveal what it is yet, only to say that I have partnered with a major site in the alternative right and will be co-hosting a series of live events on YouTube from both the RNC and DNC. This is in addition to my existing plans (such as the daily articles I’ll be writing for Right On). This is a first for both my election coverage and a massive leap forward for alternative media in general, allowing me to bring you high-quality live video of the conventions as they happen.

But I need your help to make it happen.

Because of this change, I’m extending my fundraiser to Thursday, July 14 (next week). My target goal of $2,500 remains the same. If you’ve enjoyed my previous work on the election and want to help this project come to fruition, please consider donating.

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for more updates later in the week.