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Indiana Campaign Dispatch, Part 1: Hoosier Daddy? Trump’s Your Daddy

Last week, I launched a fundraiser for my coverage of the upcoming presidential primary in Indiana. I mentioned that I needed at least $1,000 by today in order to adequately cover the former; as of this writing, I’ve only received $569. While I haven’t made my goal as of this writing, I was still able to get a head start on covering the primary.

I began my coverage of the Hoosier State’s primary by sojourning to Indianapolis for Donald Trump’s rally at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. Along the way, I met up with the noted alt-right writer Ryan Landry/SOBL.


Trump attracted a pretty strong crowd: while not as numerous or energetic as his New York fans, 7,500+ Hoosiers showed up to see the Donald. #NeverTrump partisans hoping for a re-run of the Wisconsin primary will be disappointed: the vibe in Indianapolis was still closer to Trump’s Rochester and Albany rallies than his limp Milwaukee one.


In a notable departure from Trump’s New York events (and a throwback to his Iowa ones), a pastor began the rally by leading us all in prayer, a nod to Indiana’s evangelicals.


Trump was introduced by legendary Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby Knights, which combined with his overt appeals to Indianans’ religiosity (for example, he brought his routine about how Lyin’ Ted Cruz “holds his Bible up high, puts it down, and then he lies“), gave the rally a less combative vibe than his New York appearances. Additionally, Trump hammered home the point that he’s basically won the nomination and all that’s left is to send his two struggling opponents packing.

I wrap up the day’s events in this video:

Despite my fundraising setback, I’ll continue to report on the Indiana primary as best as I can. As I mentioned in my fundraising post last week, any funds I can’t use to cover the Indiana primary will be used on my future journalism projects (currently the Washington/Oregon primaries, the American Renaissance conference, and the California primary). I will provide more information on those projects as time permits.

To support my coverage of the Indiana primary and the aforementioned projects, click here to donate. I greatly appreciate any and all support you can provide, and I thank those who’ve donated already.

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