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The Inevitability of Female Submission

If you are a woman reading this, you have already submitted to a man, whether you’re aware of it or not. And the louder you deny it, the greater the likelihood that you’ve submitted to a bad man, one who abuses and uses you.

The state of woman is submissiveness, now and forever.

There is no way to escape it, short of putting a bullet into your brain. I don’t care how “strong” or “independent” you think you are, how much money you make, or how “equal” you think your relationship with your husband/boyfriend is: if you are female, you have submitted to the rule of a man. And when you think you’re rebelling against masculine authority, all you’re doing is exchanging one master for another.

If you think I’m full of it, it’s because you don’t understand what submission is. The popular conception of womanly submission is authoritarianism and tyranny, a cruel husband ordering his long-suffering wife around like a slave, her tearfully obeying his every diktat and spending what little free time she has downing Prozac. If submission actually worked like this, feminism would have become the law of the land millennia ago.

In reality, submission is putting the interests of someone or something else before your own, without even thinking about it.

This is not a one-way process; by submitting to a man, women gain both material and emotional benefits. Because girls find the mere act of submission pleasurable in and of itself, it’s not hard for men to manipulate this tendency for their own ends. That’s one of the foundational planks of modern society: getting girls to submit to anyone or anything aside from a loving, masculine husband.

Do you work for a living? Congratulations, honey: you’re submissive towards your boss. Even if the middle manager you directly report to is a woman, the company you work for is likely owned or managed by men, whether it’s the CEO or the shareholders, so the point still stands. You’re submissive to your boss because you do whatever’s necessary to please him without even thinking about it. Oh sure, you get little pats on the head for your labor—a steady salary, a fancy job title, company parties and the occasional promotion—but a slave who wheedles favors from his master is still a slave.

And by giving you the illusion that you’re strong and independent, feminism keeps you from noticing that you’re bound in chains.

This isn’t up for debate: in his book Going Postal, Mark Ames showed that the methods that Southern plantation owners used to keep their slaves docile and obedient are the same ones that modern corporations use on their employees. Your boss rules you by keeping you in a state of hunger, where you’re financially solvent enough to think you’re well-off yet still too poor to escape the hamster wheel. Add in feminists encouraging you to transfer your rage onto the nonexistent “patriarchy” or “old boys’ club” (instead of workplace culture itself) and we now have an entire class of women cheering on their own enslavement.

“I’m a Strong, Independent Women™ and no man will ever be the boss of me! Now, could the government pretty please do something about the wage gap? These 80-hour workweeks at Dewey, Cheatham and Howe are killing me.”

Do you own an iPhone or Macbook? You’re ruled by the men in Apple’s marketing department. I seriously doubt you did an honest comparison of smartphones or laptops before you went shopping: you just whipped out your credit card because “OOOOH IPHONE SHINY!” Same goes for just about every other “unique” accoutrement you own: your tastes are dictated by the advertising that’s being pumped into your skull 24/7.

Are you a feminist or leftist? You’re submissive to the men who came up with the ideas rattling around in your empty skull. Yes, feminism itself was invented by men, specifically John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the philosophers of the Enlightenment. The so-called female thinkers not only came after these men, but were frauds: Mary Wollstonecraft was a mentally disturbed whore whom no one took seriously when she was alive, and Betty Friedan was a Communist Party agent whose husband employed a maid (meaning the entire premise of The Feminine Mystique was a complete lie).

Apparently, “the radical idea that women are people” was so radical that women couldn’t come up with it on their own.

Not to mention that every so-called “advance” in women’s liberation, from universal suffrage to the ERA, only occurred because men allowed them to occur. Women’s suffrage, for example, only became law in the U.S. because progressives in Congress wanted a majority for Prohibition and their other moral initiatives. It was recently revealed that FEMEN, the attention whore feminist group from Ukraine, is run by a man; a pimp who selects members based on how attractive they are and psychologically abuses them to make them dependent on him.

Scratch a Strong, Independent Woman™ long enough and you’ll eventually find the man pulling her strings.

Are you unemployed and/or on the dole? You’re submissive towards the government, which is largely run by men. This is borne out by voting patterns. Steve Sailer has constantly expounded that there isn’t a “gender gap” in American politics so much as there is a marriage gap: married women generally vote Republican while single women vote Democratic. It’s pretty easy to figure this out: wives are generally productive members of society (whether they work outside the home or not) and don’t need Big Daddy Obama meting out Other People’s Money to them every month.

Are you underage or still live at home? You’re submissive towards your father. Is your father absent or otherwise deferential to your mother? Then you’re submissive towards whichever man rules your mother.

You’ll notice a theme here: the greater the emotional distance a woman has from the man she has submitted to, the worse off she is in every way. The average Jizzabeller can crow about how successful she is… right up until her boss fires her so he can give himself a raise, or for no reason at all (thank you, at-will employment laws). Tanisha from the ghetto can watch Maury with her three bastard brats all day… up until the budget collapses and the state has to cut back on her gimmedats. Statistics consistently bear this out: the happiest women in America are the married, God-fearing, middle-class GOP voters whom the coastal lefties turn their noses up at.

No matter how much you toil away for your boss, no matter how fervently you vote for socialist politicians, it can all be taken away from you in the blink of an eye.

It is woman’s lot in life to be ruled by man, not because of men but because of women themselves. In the absence of immediate masculine authority, women will chain themselves to anything that promises them food on the table and a warm place to sleep. And while women may chafe at their husbands’ or fathers’ yokes, even if they break free, they just find another man to kneel to. They’re trapped in a neverending cycle of submission and rebellion, never once realizing what they’re doing.

Sorry, ladies: as loudly as you may crow about how “strong” you are, you live in a gilded cage. You get to redecorate your cage whenever you want, but you can never, ever leave, except to move to another cage.

There’s only one way for you to find fulfillment: accept your submissive nature and work with it, not against it.

And men are obligated to live up to womens’ needs. The flip side of feminine submissiveness is masculine authoritativeness. If you’re a schlumpy, wishy-washy washout, no sane woman will place her destiny in your hands, nor should she.

Patriarchy is the rule of men, not males. It’s time to nut up.

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