Matt Forney
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Interview with Amerika: “Interview with Matt Forney”

I was recently interviewed by Brett Stevens of Amerika, in which I discussed my origins as a writer, my political and religious beliefs, the rise and fall of the alt-right, my advice for aspiring writers, and much more:

As I mentioned above, three years into In Mala Fide’s existence, it felt like I had outgrown the “Ferdinand Bardamu” pseudonym. I started the blog during a time of upheaval in my personal life and it felt like I was being forced to write in a voice that was no longer authentically mine. To paraphrase my friend Trevor Blake, when you need to cross a river, you build a bridge, but you don’t take the bridge with you when you get to the other side. I didn’t feel the need to keep using a name that was tied to a period in my life that was ancient history by that point.

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