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Introducing My New Blog: Matt Forney’s Notebook


With Twitter rapidly circling the drain, I’ve decided to begin migrating off the site. Twitter has already unjustly banned me once, and for all the site’s opposition to “harassment,” Twitter allowed an antifa hacker to impersonate, harass and stalk me for months before taking action. With the site’s new Trust and Safety Council shadowbanning conservatives (preventing their followers from seeing their Tweets) and arbitrarily banning and persecuting right-wing figures, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all purged.

As a result, I’ve followed Roosh’s lead and created a new microblog, Matt Forney’s Notebook. The site will mainly consist of links to news stories, articles, videos and the like that I find interesting, as well as brief blog posts. I plan on updating it multiple times a day, though since I can only really access it from my computer (the WordPress app for smartphones is useless), updates will likely be sporadic if I’m traveling.

You can visit Matt Forney’s Notebook here. While you can still follow me on Twitter, I ultimately plan to replace my Twitter account with the microblog, so bookmark it and visit it often. I’m still testing out the site’s design, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

  • Wald

    Why not resurrect “In Bona Fide?”