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When Irish Eyes Are Cucking

NOTE: This article was originally published at Medium on June 3, 2017. I’m re-posting it here because I recently deleted my Medium account.

The problem with unironically supporting Irish nationalism is that the Irish themselves make it impossible. Most Irish kitsch originates not from the Emerald Isle itself, but from the descendants of Fenian immigrants to the U.S. and Australia, whose image of Ireland of a rural, Catholic wonderland occasionally rocked by an IRA bomb blast has yet to be shaken loose by reality.

I wonder how they’ll take the news that a gay Indian is now Ireland’s taoiseach (prime minister)?

Yep, it was a hard-fought struggle, but the Irish can now take pride in the fact that they’re the most cucked nation in Europe, at least until someone elects a gay Indian Muslim (or a gay Indian cripple, or a gay Indian tranny, or whatever). Even Sweden, the go-to example of a European nation that enjoys paddling itself for the crime of existing, hasn’t even dared to elect a woman as prime minister, let alone a non-white homosexual like Leo Varadkar. Clearly, the globalists have slipped something strong in the Irish water supply (the same water that they riot over when the government dares to ask them to pay their bills).

The reality is that the American “Oirish” view of Ireland is about as accurate as the idea of Texans being tough cowboys. Ever since the Irish won their independence from the U.K., they’ve spent the past hundred years playing catch-up with the globalist elite. Let’s not mince words: the Irish should be proud of how they broke free from the British Empire. After centuries of oppression by what was the most powerful nation in the world at the time—while being pilloried as stupid, genetically inferior Papists who didn’t bathe and had too many kids—the Irish kicked the “superior” English in the teeth and ran them off their island… or at least most of it. Even in the portion of the Emerald Isle that is still part of the U.K., the IRA wreaked enough havoc to force the Unionists to give nationalists permanent power in Northern Ireland’s devolved government.

Unfortunately, the Irish are dead-set on living down to every negative stereotype the British spread about them. Ireland is easily the most corrupt nation in western Europe, a magical land where politicians steadfastly refuse to stop gorging themselves at the public trough even after they’re photographed with their heads in the slop. When he was being investigated for corruption a few years ago, former taoiseach Bertie Ahern was so certain he’d never see the inside of a prison cell that he publicly admitted to having taken a “few” bribes. Irish politicians caught with their hands in the cookie jar never, ever resign unless they are legally forced to. In this context, vacuous non-entities like outgoing taoiseach Enda Kenny look like Trumpian super-heroes in comparison.

To give you an idea of how little the Irish voter cares about any of this, the country has been ruled by the same party, Fianna Fáil (actually pronounced “fe-enna fall,” so you can skip the “fail” jokes), for all but 25 years since 1932. Fianna Fáil was wiped out in the 2011 election after they tanked the economy so badly that they were forced to beg the European Union and IMF for bailouts, turning Ireland into a colony of both institutions, a sore spot for a country that fought a long guerrilla war for its independence. Indeed, the E.U. seized so much power from the Irish government in the wake of the bailout that they banned Fianna Fáil from calling the 2011 election until they passed a Brussels-dictated austerity budget. Fortunately for Fianna Fáil, the Irish public has the attention span of a kindergartener on crack, so they were able to surge to become the second-most popular party in last year’s vote, running on a platform of absolutely nothing.

Ireland’s entry into the European Union and the eurozone was based on a housing bubble that imploded close to a decade ago, sinking the economy and sending hordes of young Irish abroad to make a living. And yet despite the country having sunk to the level of a third-world hellhole (as an Irish friend of mine told it to me four years ago), the government still insists on importing countless non-white immigrants. Former Minister for Justice Alan Shatter opened the floodgates to the third world, bringing in 56,000 immigrants (a big number considering Ireland’s relatively small population) from 2011 to 2013. Shatter’s jeremiads against “racism” could have easily come from Barack Obama or Justin Trudeau, albeit one less standard deviation on the bell curve.

The problem with the Irish is that they’re cargo cultists. They see the comparatively wealthier nations of the U.S., Canada, and Britain and assume that said wealth is the result of them embracing mass non-white immigration and left-wing social policies. How else to explain that Ireland is the only country in the world to legalize gay marriage through a referendum? Sinn Féin, which still tries to trade off its former status as the Provisional IRA’s political wing, campaigned for the Remain side in last year’s Brexit vote, as did Enda Kenny. Similarly, the Irish saw Iceland, Belgium, and Luxembourg electing gay prime ministers and thought, “Hmmm, how do we top that? I’ve got it! We elect a gay Indian prime minister!”

I suppose it’s somewhat heartening that the Irish public is less enthusiastic about Leo Varadkar than the chattering classes are. According to the results, rival Simon Coveney won a majority among rank-and-file Fine Gael (the current governing party) members, with Varadkar’s victory attributable to his parliamentary colleagues backing him: their support is massively overweighed in the actual vote, to the tune of 65 percent. Will the Irish actually do anything about a South Asian sodomite being undemocratically elected their leader? Nope.

Michael Collins is spinning in his grave.

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  • Varadkar looks like he would like to use the Tower of Pizza as a butt plug! He’s been having a bromance with Trudeau, meeting him a number of times in the last few months. I think he wants to go cottaging with Trudeau. Went to the fag parade in Canada also.
    I agree with you on most of your points. However there is a growing opinion of Euro scepticism in Ireland at the moment. Still in the minority but as Europe becomes more cucked I do believe the Irish will regain their nationalism. Its a funny situation, most of the population have been brainwashed by muh “diversiteeee” but I can see people becoming more disillusioned by the day.
    There was an interview with a Syrian refugee on the radio a while back. Given accommodation in a hotel while Ireland has a housing crises with homeless Irish sleeping on the streets or in cars. He was talking about how his mother was still in Syria and he couldn’t contact her. This was a 28 year old man, fighting age, who abandoned his mother and country to escape to the west. What a fucking coward! These are the calibre of refugees we have coming to Ireland. When it starts hitting the populace in the pocket you will see a backlash.

  • Hank Davis

    I worked briefly in Ireland in the late 90s and visited again recently. A complete change. It was an overwhelmingly ethnically Irish nation, large % of the population under 25, struggling with massive economic growth but the excitement and opportunity outweighed and social dislocation. Now Dublin is filled with Chinese and Poles. It has a shinier and more sterile look and feel to it. Less authenticity and less cohesion.

  • krungtep

    Agree , generally…
    unfortunately endemic in Irish culture is a low level of awareness and insight…at a personal and race/national level. This is referred to by others..especially the Brits as “the mad
    Irish” we think they are referring to our excess drinking, but nooooo, they are referring to our
    Orwellian double think …to hold 2 opposing mindset at the same time and to be unaware of it.

    Also most races that have a Roman Catholic oppressive social history, see the Philippines as another example, have the ability to sympathise but an inability to empathise…hence the mad Irish..and why the BRITS never trusted us..because we will agree to anything , especially if it’s worth a few $ immediately, (the benefits of the EU is an example) and then carry on regardless of what we agreed to .AND NOT BE AWARE OF THAT WE ARE DOING SO!!

    maybe the influx of non nationals from Poland etc, and refugees from the far east might change all that…however, I won’t hold my breath.
    Consider the hubris and the USA $ funding of the homosexual and lesbian campaign for “equality in marriage ” referendum, when they got their legal right to marriage …i wont go there as to how that works…..was an insult to the 30% who voted against it…and also the politicians and government who ignored the thousands of Irish who returned home from Europe/EU and the USA to vote despite many being out of the country for more than the maximum of 18 months, which meant they were not eligible to vote, and yes their passports were not checked against their voting card which their Manny’s in Ireland kept for them instead of returning it to the voting authority…typical Oirish cute hoors, and also the tens of thousands of $ that Chuck Feeney’s Atlantic Philanthropies Assoc in the USA donated the GLBS and the Irish Civil Liberties Assoc. received to undermine the democratic referendum was ignored by the relevant authorities …but then the Irish never did really understood what democracy and the Republic is about..
    As regards Varadkar being half Indian and a homosexual. He can’t be any worse the Bertie Aherns or Charlie Haugheys and all the other cute hoor corrupt politicians , not to mention Bankers and Big Builder Developers who have destroyed this little banana republic. And let’s not forget the ICTU and SIPTU..the two largest amalgamated trade unions ever who were part of the cute hoors clubs with their snouts in the trough.
    if nothing else it is proof that we never had a real revolution in IRELAND …JUST LOTS “uprisings” note that 1916 is referred to as the “1916 uprising”..not the “1916 revolution”…interesting! Also consider child in the Irish National School system is taught the national anthem of the Republic, has very likely never reads the 1916 Proclamation or knows the meaning of the national flag.
    Also very few if any national or secondary schools in Ireland have the national flag in the school…why?. bec the establishment in the banana republic are afraid of an upsurge in patriotism that might upset the cute hoors who are milking it!
    I taught english to 8 year olds in elementary schools in Thailand..the day’s class commences with the singing of their national anthem while facing their national flag in the classroom.. ask any Irish kids to recite his national anthem and he wont know it..ask him to say the Lord’s prayer..he will know it!

  • krungtep

    yah, your right…we gave away our cultural identity for a pot of gold , benefited, from the EU…And now we’ve lost the pot of gold, our economic sovereignty and control of our national borders…and were being screwed by the Troika at the rate of 7 billion euros , thats the interest only, on the loan we were forced to take from Germany and France to bail out THEIR,,,,bond holders..the “fighting Irish?”..noooooo the PUSSYCAT IRISH !!… i travel a lot in S E Asia and of late I’m embarrassed to say I’m Irish!

  • Whiskerdots

    Maybe the Irish just don’t give a shit about nationalism, ever consider that?