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I’ve Got to Get Up to Get Down and Start All Over Again

With the new year in full swing, I’ve decided to do a soft reboot of this blog. From now on, things are going to be very different around here, yet they won’t be too different at all. Here are the ch-ch-ch-changes you can expect.

Message discipline. I began this blog as a chronicle of my journey to become the man I want to be, but circa August, I got far off message with rants about feminists, fat girls, and liberals. The stretch of time where I was in Williston was the lowest point; I was too tired, stressed out and busy to write anything good.

With the new year, I’m returning to the core purpose of this blog: masculine self-fulfillment.

No more throwaway posts about feminism, the news or irrelevant bullshit that I have no control over. I may write about those topics for other websites like The Spearhead or Alternative Right, but they won’t be appearing here except on special occasions. To that end, I’ve deleted a number of posts of mine that were phoned in and too far afield from the site’s mission.

Complainers are a dime a dozen. I’m here to provide solutions.

Fewer posts, more content. Feeding off of the first point, too many times I’ve written posts just to write posts, without having anything intelligent or important to say. No more. I’ll be writing less (one to two articles a week, maybe three), but those posts will be substantive and full of value-add content. Ranting about the Outrage of the Day might get you immediate attention, but nobody’s going to care about it a week later; I want to write posts that will still be relevant a year or three down the line.

I was inspired to do this after a private conversation with a friend and mentor of mine; I won’t say who he is, other than that he runs one of the most popular and fastest-growing manosphere blogs. Basically, I asked him how his blog was getting so popular so quickly when he was putting far less work into promoting it than I did mine. He told me that while I was a better writer than him, he has the edge right now because he has far more life experience (he’s a decade older than me), and that it’ll take time before I get on his level.

Basically, there’s no point in working like I do for marginal returns. Live life, then write about it.

No more comments. The comment section is now permanently closed on Fuck the goddamn comments. It’s not that I don’t care what you have to say; it’s that I don’t care to give morons and freaks the idea that their opinions are equal to mine. I’ve come around to Jack Donovan’s view that letting people comment on blogs is a really bad move:

What’s more, many avid commenters seem to feel entitled to a response. Americans are taught that their opinion always matters—no matter how stupid it is—so a lot of guys seem to think that you owe them a response. Some of them will go so far as to call you a coward for not responding to (or for deleting) every single anonymous dipshit who appears out of the ether to scribble their VERY IMPORTANT OPINION on the door of your Internet toilet stall.

From now on, if you want to comment on something I’ve written, you have three options:

  • Send me an email. I read every email I get and try to respond to most of them (the ones that need/deserve responses anyway). If your email is smart/engaging enough, I might even make a post out of it.
  • Friend me on Facebook. Links to my articles are automatically posted to my Facebook profile at the same time they appear on the blog (usually 6am PST/9am EST). You can comment freely there. If the idea of letting a complete stranger see the photos you have of that wet T-shirt contest you competed in last Spring Break doesn’t appeal, you can Subscribe to my profile instead. Subscribing lets you see and comment on my posts while maintaining your privacy.
  • Write about it on your blog. As Jack would say, blogs are completely fucking free. There is nothing stopping you from getting your own and talking shit about me all day long. I’m not required to let trolls and retards vomit all over a website that I pay out of my own pocket to maintain.

Videos! I’ve decided to make like Aurini and Captain Capitalism and become a bonafide vidiot, bringing my wit, wisdom and dashing good looks to the world of YouTube. I’ve already made one video, but since then I’ve learned the importance of having good lighting, a decent camera, and pancake makeup (kidding on that last one). Videos will be coming as soon as I can fit recording them into my busy schedule.

So join me on this exciting journey, where everything is just the same but brand new.

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