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I’ve Been Unfairly Suspended from Twitter


UPDATE: I’ve created a backup Twitter account, @onemattforney. Follow it by clicking here.

UPDATE II: I’ve obtained more evidence that Twitter is trying to censor me. Click here to learn more.

UPDATE III: My main Twitter account has been restored. Click here to learn more.

Just a few minutes ago, I discovered that my Twitter account @basedmattforney is suspended. Twitter has given me no explanation as to why. Unlike the last time my account was suspended, I wasn’t doing anything that could be considered a violation of the Terms of Service: I wasn’t slinging around n-bombs in a joking fashion (or, for that matter, arguing with anyone).

The closest I’ve gotten to breaking Twitter’s rules was a series of Tweets I posted last night criticizing the alternative right for their ignorance on the homosexual question:





My Tweets were picked up by a bunch of anon alt-righters and shitlibs, who vomited their usual cries of “WOW JUST WOW I CAN’T EVEN”. Curiously, Milo Yiannopoulos also re-Tweeted one of my more inflammatory Tweets, resulting in a deluge from his followers:



(For the record, I like Milo—I went to his aborted speech at DePaul, where I was famously attacked by one of the SJW instigators who shut him down—but I question how much longer a guy who brags about having gay sex with black men can call himself a conservative.)

It’s also worth noting that Twitter’s suspension comes barely 24 hours after I announced that I would be partnering with Red Ice to cover the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Much like how Davis Aurini has been repeatedly targeted by YouTube for his views, Twitter may be picking on me because I’m popular enough to be a threat to the leftist narrative yet small enough that they can silence me without causing much of an uproar.

I’m appealing my suspension to Twitter and will report back ASAP. Until then, I ask you to please spread this article on social media and make some noise. We can’t allow the left to continue silencing conservatives like this. You can also check out my microblog (which I created in the event I was banned from Twitter again) here.

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  • Hoyos

    Just a side note about Milo.

    He’s frustrating as hell, but you can tell from some early interviews he’s definitely wrestling with God. For me it’s a little better because, when he’s not doing his shtick, you can tell he’s not really at peace with it as a lifestyle choice. Kind of like an entertainer who does lush bits, but personally is not really cool with his alcoholism. My two cents.

  • temmy9 .

    To build a broad front, you pick your enemy and fight one opponent at a time. You tolerate things you dont like in order to fight the greater enemy. Only when that enemy is beaten do you rectify your relationships with your former allies.

    This is how the left has defeated us in the culture wars. This is what we must do to fight back. Turning our guns against allies in the broad front in the name of purity while we are still fighting the broader enemy wont help us.

  • Pandabearnanke

    Matt I support you and will do my best to get the word out on your suspension. I do want to say that I think there needs to be the broadest coalition possible. You dont have to like homosexuality but is it really the biggest issue? How about we just focus on the lowest hanging fruit (SJWs attacking free speech) and go on from there? It just seems funny to me how you are against homosexuals and Roosh is against women joining the movement then you have the Alt Right who only want white people and who hate Roosh because he’s not white and sleeps with white women. What’s the difference? Partriarchal Nationalism vs White Nationalism? If you’re in a guerilla war you need all the good fighters you can get, you cant afford to discriminate. I like what Lauren Southern and Milo do. They dont waste time shooting sympathizers on their own side, they keep their eye on the ball.

  • That Guy Who Goes There

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!

  • Lapochka

    Milo is getting a lot of admiration from the very demographic he is most attracted to: manly males.

    But you raise some great points and it brings me back to my own complaint about our so-called conservative leaders in my country (the UK). One of the first things the Brexit guys did when we voted out of the lunatic EU was to boast that Britain is “a liberal, progressive society” . Even Nigel Farage’s UKIP defends the gay agenda. So such conservatives are not truly conservative, but then, without the Bible as the Moral Absolute, morality becomes democratised as well, meaning that the majority opinion (whether genuinely held or embraced for expediency) in society at any time automatically qualifies as the standard for morality. Look at how that worked out in Nazi Germany, or in today’s Syria. Or the self-imploding Sweden.

    There can be no true conservatism without the Moral Absolute that transcends popular opinion, the impulse of virtue-signalling, the go-along-to-get-along mindset, the fear of being “unfriended” on Twitbook, etc. In fact, the absence of that Moral Absolute in society leaves it open to moral plunder by whatever predator bloc rules that society. How else have the Anglo countries gone from being family-centric, gender-defined and God-believing to a God-provoking modern day Sodom?

    So, I obviously disagree with the idea that we should not fight on a broad front. Rather, to be consistent, “democratic morality” aka moral relativism and its vile products must be reproved on every tenet.

  • MMiller

    Gay and conservative long before Milo was born. Sorry you can’t deal with it.

  • Matt, I’d say that your error was the inference that ISIS is a successful society. Still, it’s mind-blowing that platforms like Twitter can ban their own users without explanation.

  • Jack Burton

    I’ve told him directly his activism has value, but he needs to stop with the Negrophilic boasts and taunts. It’s completely unnecessary! It’s not funny. It’s disgusting and provokes people. He’d be much more popular if he’d just keep his degenerate lifestyle private and never mention it.