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James Holmes Dances Us to the Edge of Armageddon


Didja hear? Some nutjob shot up a movie theater a few days ago, killed a bunch of people and wounded a whole lot more. Clearly, this means we need tighter gun laws. It’s precisely because of Americans’ love affair with guns that these sorts of tragedies happen. If we were like Canada, Norway, Finland or any other country with sensible restrictions on gun ownership, violent crime would drop and these kinds of spree shootings would never happen.

If you think the primary issue with the Colorado shooting (and mass shootings in general) is gun ownership, you’re missing the point.

Whether it’s liberal pussies whining about the “gun lobby” or retarded rednecks living in fear of the mythical gun-grabbing Obammunist, no one bothers to broach the most interesting thing about spree shootings: the fact that they even occur in the first place. The Second Amendment has been in place since the Constitution was ratified in 1789, yet it wasn’t until the 1970’s, when the phrase “going postal” entered the lexicon, that people decided to start shooting up their workplaces, schools and other public places for no apparent reason.

There’s a reason why nobody bothers to bring this up: the answer is a broadly uncomfortable one.

As much as the media loves to paint spree shooters as schizophrenic nutjobs with no rhyme or reason to their actions, a cursory look at spree killers from Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to Anders Behring Breivik shows a remarkable number of similarities:

  • Above-average intelligence.
  • Well-read; if not academically driven, they have extensive knowledge of philosophy and literature.
  • Shy; they have difficulty making friends.
  • Outcasts, frequently bullied at school.
  • Pathetic to nonexistent love lives.

Much like how serial murderers from John Wayne Gacy to the BTK killer fit a common psychological profile, spree shooters are all cut from the same cloth: intelligent losers.

From there, we bounce to the money question: why?

It’s easy enough to explain why Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis are crime-ridden shitholes: thugs gonna thug. Your average mugger, rapist, or thief is on the left half of the bell curve, barely more intelligent than an animal and incapable of realizing any higher motivation for their actions. This doesn’t stop liberals from offering up all sorts of cockamamie explanations for inner-city crime. But when a white guy with a triple-digit IQ leaves behind a gigantic manifesto before shooting up a political party’s youth camp, the same people who love making excuses for Tashawn from the South Side can only talk about gun control.

When I first heard about the Colorado shootings on Friday morning, my first guess was that the shooter was a lonely, intelligent weirdo with no love life. Turns out I was dead on the money:

SAN DIEGO (USA TODAY) — A portrait of two distinct people is slowly emerging of James Eagan Holmes, the quiet, intellectually gifted neuroscience student turned suspected mass murderer.

Those who knew Holmes in the upscale San Diego community where he grew up remember a polite young man who kept to himself and excelled academically.

“He was really talented, really smart,” said Porsche Parkman, 19, who attended Westview High School with Holmes’ younger sister, Chris. Holmes graduated from the school in 2006. “He was so nice and his family was always there for him. Nothing seemed wrong.”

I don’t have a definitive answer for why spree shootings happen, other than to say that they are a product of society itself. We live in a wonderfully “free” society, where people supposedly can rise and fall on their own merits, fuck whoever they want and not give a shit about anyone else. Where everyone is fully autonomous and can do whatever they damn well please.

The price of a society like this is that there are people who will fail at navigating it, and these failures sometimes pick up guns and ventilate the winners out of demented frustration.

Note to morons: this is not a defense of James Holmes or his ilk. Holmes, Breivik and other spree killers are monsters and if I had my way, I’d put them all up against the wall (the ones who haven’t killed themselves). But they are monsters spawned by a monstrous society.

If we want to stop spree killings, banning guns isn’t the solution. The solution is to unearth the reason why so many intelligent young men want to kill to begin with.

And with that, here, here and here are the only other intelligent perspectives on the Aurora shootings I’ve read so far.

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  • Let me give you a hint.
    When there is no afterlife, there is no motivation.
    For someone that’s been raised as an atheist to suddenly realize that not only is he no longer the target of bullies, but that they DO NOT CARE about him, and never really did.
    The stunning realization with a hint of high functioning autism that accompanies high intelligence, that you DO NOT MATTER, and that no matter what you do, you will make no impact on this world whatsoever. You are unlikely to ever breed, you are simply a blip… a speed bump for others.

    Taking a gun, and ending a dozen lives gives you the immortality, the non-blip status that is not able to be achieved in any other way.

    They killed god, and you know what? There’s nothing else keeping the blips from killing everyone. Believe me, I was a blip once, I actually had two hundred pounds of rock blasting powder and an S&W in my trunk, was wearing an old flak jacket I ‘lifted’ from the Navy, and was on my way to Tyson’s Corner Mall to make an impression when I got dinged by a passat. I jumped out and told the girl that I should probably kill her for interrupting me, and she saw me glaring at her angrily and wrote down her phone number and invited me for a drink. Two days later I was screwing her doggy-style, all thoughts of rampage forgotten.

    The point is, these guys are JUST HUMAN. They do not deserve to be ‘lined up and shot’ because, according to everything they have learned and know, doing it really does not matter, it is simply the most effective and efficient way for their names to be remembered forever.

    What they need is god, or some reasonable facsimile. Or Objectivism. Or laid. The ones that have already done it, Of course they should be killed humanely if they lived. But the thousands more who are simply trying to decide when and where? They can be stopped cold.

    Is it any surprise that spree shootings (and I don’t mean crooks like Nelson or true psychos like Gacy) rose hand in hand with the death of morality and god and the rise of atheism and situational ethics?