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Femininity and the Indiana 7s; or, Jen McCreight is Still an Ugly Bitch

Ah, the Internet, home to some of the best drama this side of a Shakespeare festival. For those unaware of this latest lulzworthy kerfuffle, my tl;dr summary:

  1. Feminist, atheist, and “skeptic” blogger Jen McCreight wrote a post snarking at Roosh’s assertion that educational level and femininity are inversely correlated in women.
  2. Roosh Tweeted a link to her post with the remark “Would you date this girl?”
  3. Roosh’s readers flooded McCreight’s blog calling her ugly in just about every conceivable way.
  4. McCreight fired back with a post claiming she doesn’t care if men think she’s ugly. She also made a Reddit post rallying beta males to her defense, all of whom proceeded to call her beautiful. Dead serious.
  5. One white knight made a Reddit post in which he threatened to kick Roosh’s ass. He immediately backed down after Roosh popped in and actually gave out his location.
  6. Roosh made a video response lampooning the whole thing.

My minor contribution to this slapfight was name-dropping McCreight in my post on Michelle Jenneke, which earned me a derisive Tweet from the she-beast herself and a couple of (male) feminist trolls. I probably should have hat-tipped Roosh in that post, but whatever.

Now, let’s be honest: by any objective measure, Jen McCreight is an ugly bitch. As I remarked to Mark the other day, she looks like Steve Buscemi in drag. The only thing she has going for her is the fact that’s she not grotesquely fat. She’s an Indiana 7: a 3 anywhere else, but a 7 in her hometown, mainly because the Hoosier State is where beauty and aesthetics go to die.

But here’s the thing: most Hoosiers I’ve met are kindhearted, upstanding folks. The men and the women.

When I was in Chicago, I met a couple of girls from Indiana who were staying at the same hostel I was. They were Indiana 7s like McCreight: buck teeth, screwy facial bone structure, pancake asses. And like McCreight, the only thing they had going for them was the fact that they weren’t fat. But unlike McCreight, they were sweet, pleasant, and fun to be around. They were in town because one of them was auditioning for American Idol and wanted to be a country singer. (She didn’t make it.) She demonstrated her singing for me, and holy wow she was good. I haven’t known a girl who could sing that good since I was in high school.

No, I wouldn’t have wanted either girl to be the mother of my children. But what they lacked in physical beauty, they made up for in heart.

So Jen, you might be right: Roosh, me and our fellow travelers might be shallow misogynistic twits. But even by the feminist metric of “inner beauty,” you’re still an ugly bitch.

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