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Three Benefits of Eating Beef Jerky

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As far as snacks go, beef jerky has come a long way. From a greasy gas station indulgence reserved primarily for desperate travelers, it has come into its own as a healthy and nutritious food. In contrast to the cheap, mass-produced brands of the past, modern brands are made with superior meat and avoid using toxic ingredients that harm your health.

American-made beef jerky brands such as Steve’s Jerky are designed to be both delicious and healthy, with all-natural ingredients and adherence to federal regulations. Here are three benefits of eating beef jerky that you might not have considered.

1. Lean Protein

Unlike most meat products, jerky has most of its fat and moisture removed during the cooking process. This results in a final product that is 97 percent fat-free and features nothing but nutrition. The average brand features 15 grams of protein per serving size or more, making it a valuable source of this important nutrient.

2. Convenience

Most meats need to be cooked before eating, which is time-consuming and also impractical if you’re on the move. Jerky, on the other hand, can be consumed right out of the bag, allowing you to eat it anywhere. This is why it has become a popular snack for hikers, bodybuilders, and other people who engage in strenuous physical activity. If you’re constantly on the go, jerky is a good, healthy alternative to other types of finger foods.

3. Longevity

Foods that are healthy, such as fruits and vegetables, tend to have a shorter shelf life than processed foods such as chips, which deters some people from buying them. In contrast, jerky is designed to last much longer than other types of meat products, meaning that if you store it properly, you can continue to enjoy it long after you’ve bought it. This makes it a good food to have for emergency situations due to its long-lasting nature.

How to Identify Good Beef Jerky

Now that you know how jerky can benefit your health, you need to know how to distinguish good products from bad ones. Mass-produced brands often contain toxins and preservatives that destroy its nutritional content, harm the human body, or both. How can you identify good-quality jerky that will help rather than hinder you?

The first quality of good jerky is that it’s made in the U.S. Brands made in the U.S. are required to adhere to stricter health and production standards than ones made in developing countries. Make sure that the brand in question is actually made in the U.S., as many companies will try to skirt the line by saying that the product was “packaged” in the U.S., indicating that the meat itself was made elsewhere. Authentic American brands should clearly say “Made in the U.S.A.” on their labels and nothing else.

The other thing you need to look for is the quality of ingredients. Specifically, you should only buy jerky that has all-natural ingredients. Many brands like to cut corners by using artificial ingredients that are less expensive than all-natural ones. These ingredients, such as brominated vegetable oil, have been shown to damage humans’ health when consumed. Because of this, any brand that does not use all-natural ingredients is one that you should avoid, even if it’s cheaper than the competition.

Additionally, look out for brands that use artificial preservatives. While jerky is pretty long-lasting on its own, many cheaper manufacturers like to include artificial preservatives that lengthen its sell-by date. These preservatives have been linked to cancer and other health maladies, so you’ll want to avoid eating products that include them. Always read the label so you know what’s in your food.

While brands that meet these requirements tend to be more expensive than the competition, you can’t afford to skimp out when it comes to your health. As the saying goes, “Buy cheap, pay twice.” If you choose cheap brands, you’ll pay the price in the form of health problems later on in life. It’s worth it to pay the extra price for an all-natural product that is good for you.

The Steve’s Jerky Difference

If you’re looking for a healthy, all-natural, all-American brand that fits all the above requirements, Steve’s Jerky fits the bill.

Steve’s Jerky is a homemade brand based in Cajun country in Louisiana. Unlike mass-manufactured brands, Steve makes all of his product by hand, using a special Cajun recipe that gives it a unique taste. Steve uses no artificial preservatives or ingredients; instead, he uses all-natural ingredients for the best possible product. And of course, Steve’s Jerky is a 100 percent U.S.A. product.

All of this guarantees that Steve’s Jerky is one of the best brands you can buy. It’s also inexpensive compared to other top-shelf brands, with each five-ounce pack retailing for $10. Additionally, if you order three or more packs, shipping is free.

The Best Jerky Out There

Beef jerky is not a subject most people think about too deeply: they just buy it and eat it. However, if chosen correctly, this snack can be a massive asset to your life. Good-quality brands can be not only delicious, but a good source of vitamins and minerals, a good bug-out snack for bad times, or a great way to stay energized when you’re away from the kitchen. However, a bad brand can lead to health problems both small and large later on in life.

If you enjoy beef jerky, you owe it to yourself to do your research and find a brand that’s both nutritious and delicious. All-American brands like Steve’s Jerky are the best way for you to get your fix in a way that is both tasty and beneficial to your health. By researching brands before you buy, you can be assured of getting the best possible product, ensuring you’ll have a good, long-lasting product that will keep you energized, healthy, and performing at your best.

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