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katie o'reilly

Katie O’Reilly, DePaul Student, Assaulted Me at Milo Yiannopoulos’ Chicago Speech

katie o'reilly

Two days ago, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech at DePaul University was cancelled after #BlackLivesMatter thugs and social justice warriors stormed the stage and threatened him, while security and police refused to intervene. In the aftermath, a video of a fat, leftist protester attacking me and trying to steal my phone went viral:

I’ve since identified the girl’s name as Katie O’Reilly:

Katie O’Reilly was initially identified by Twitter user UygurLeaks earlier today, and I contacted him to confirm.

Meet Katie O’Reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

According to her (now-deleted) social media profiles and an article in DePaul’s student newspaper, Katie O’Reilly is a freshman majoring in English with a focus on creative writing. She’s an aspiring comedienne and is currently working as an intern for Improv Olympic, according to her LinkedIn profile.

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

She is also a feminist and left-wing activist, and recently joined the feminist site Feministing as a contributor:

katie o'reilly


katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

According to her WRD 104 portfolio, O’Reilly has a history of being disruptive and physically attacking others:

katie o'reilly

katie o'reilly

Shortly after UygurLeaks revealed her identity, O’Reilly began deleting her various social media profiles. I’ve obtained the screenshots in this post from said profiles. Here are the links:

I have filed charges against Katie O’Reilly with the Chicago Police Department and will be obtaining a warrant for her arrest tomorrow.

katie o'reilly

Anyone with more information about Katie O’Reilly (including pictures etc.) is urged to contact either me or the Chicago PD.

Interestingly, O’Reilly posted this journal entry on her WRD 104 portfolio today:

katie o'reilly

Perhaps she should have listened to her own words.

UPDATE (5/31/2016): I went to the Cook County Circuit Court today (the warrant office was closed Friday and Monday) and was told that I needed Katie O’Reilly’s address in order for them to issue a warrant. Anyone who has her address (with proof), please email me here.

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  • themann235

    it appears her twitter has been deleted

  • Well done, sir. For great justice.

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  • FairnessDoctrine

    Great job! Happy her name is now on the internet forever and she will pay for her violenct assaults against innocent people

    With her privileged education, she probably thought getting a job would be easy….but employers use Google every single time before they hire.

  • something tells me she needs to back off the cheeseburgers at Branko’s Sandwich Shop

  • Matthew Corvo

    Met you at AMREN – man I love that you’re holding these violent psychos legally accountable for their actions. Keep standing strong!

  • Glad to see these people being held accountable. Their activism careers won’t exist when they are too busy getting tossed into the justice system.

  • endtimes

    Look like shes shut down her Twitter etal

  • jimmyt

    gd matt u r crazy

  • Kevin T

    I’ve seen her chasing Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern’s jeep in a theme park.

  • Prakash

    You guys should also name and shame the girl who did the “Pick up your Trump shit white male” bit.

  • Sean Jones

    You big tough man. You show her!! Now what exactly have you accomplished here? Other than looking like a whiny bitch trying to be a bully? You could have handled it like an adult and just gone to the police with your “evidence”, but instead you took the cowards way out and went crying to your followers. Whats it like to be a perpetual victim? And now I know you and your minions will attack me. I could give two fucks about your bitch followers. Bring it. Make sure you spell my name right in your crusade to be a tough guy.

  • Drew, Meme Scientist

    Praying for you Mr. Forney in this trying time

  • ChrisOR

    Kevin “T Rex”? Also, too, Jeff Golblum and Laura Dern are actors, and the events of “Jurassic Park” were fictional, so you know! There seems to be a disconnect!

  • AlexDeLaMelle

    When a grown man refers to another grown man as a bully, his opinions become irrelevant.

  • GetItGoing

    Ah yes, a mighty white knight rides in to defend her royalness’ honor and guard her from consequences.

  • Sean Jones

    Wow. Best you got huh? I expected better


    you’re a dumbass Matt Forney

  • TK

    You’re fatter than she is.

  • Joe Cavanaugh

    The left has traditionally been the advocates of the downtrodden and the poor .. the “marginalized”. But if you attend a private catholic college with a tuition of $37k per year, you ain’t marginalized. The world is upside down. The left is now the Establishment and the right is the counter-culture. Ironically, it is the white majority that is the counter-culture. Weird. But it’s true. Interesting times ahead. I wish I was a millennial, but I’m an aging gen-xer. When this all shakes out I’ll be in my 60’s. The future belongs to millenials.

  • Beau

    Awesome work! Hopefully after deleting all her social media she’ll finally find the time to lose that weight.

  • Victor_Gallagher

    He has every right to expose her poor behaviour.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    ”I have filed charges against Katie O’Reilly with the Chicago Police Department and will be obtaining a warrant for her arrest tomorrow” Just imagine if she were a right wing man and you were a leftist woman. The SWAT teams would already have been sent out.

  • Justin Thompson

    Looks like the kind of disgusting fatty that Hillary troll bannedbymotherjones would f*ck

  • Justin Thompson

    I’d do her.

  • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

    This made my day!

  • Paul Johnson

    That’s because you suffer the delusion of thinking you’re somehow involved in this, and that we should somehow care about your commentary. You are not a subject here.

  • The Remnant


  • Rhyme Or Reason

    Stop white knighting for a tub of lard.

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    This statement seems to contradict your avatar

  • Sean Jones

    Shouldn’t you be under an over pass earning your cash $.25 at a time?

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    Are you homeless shaming me? Gay prostitution shaming me? CHECK YOUR PRIVILEG YOU SHYTLORD!

  • crazy j

    He even has the damned fedora

  • Charles Mark

    Forney, you’re a crap writer and a toxic pimple on the arse of humanity.

  • Curtis Axel

    I wish I knew where she lived so that Forney could pass the info along to detectives so she can be properly arrested and charged. I find it odd they place this burden on him though. Don’t they have detectives who are supposed to take care of this sort of thing? If a woman is raped and gives name to police does she get brushed off unless she can ascertain where his home is or do they take care of that for her?

  • DogDish

    >assaulted on camera
    You forgot to tip your fedora.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Any update on the situation? Are charges being pressed?

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  • Ammon Jones

    “You need to lose some weight.”
    “F%$# YOU YOU F*&@ING RAPIST!”

    Stay classy, leftists

  • Rudi

    What’s the problem ?

  • Rudi

    Classism too. These hippie snowflakes hate working or poor people.

  • MajorStyles

    Don’t stop until she has been persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As George Bush said, “Smoke them out of their caves!”

  • bluewren

    Good .I would like to see her taken down a peg or too.I think the feminist movement is like a good friend of mine said ” It is to women’s rights what cannibals are to good cooking.”