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Krista Jane Heflin’s Suicide Was a Hoax

After I put up my article gleefully pissing all over Krista Jane Heflin’s (aka “Femitheist Divine”) self-mutilated body, I began to wonder if the whole thing was made up, like a few others in the manosphere. I figured it didn’t matter, because someone who would fake their own suicide just to get attention is an utterly loathsome human being, on top of Heflin’s already existing loathsomeness. Plus, that post got me a degree in Red Pill Pharmacy from The University of Man, so cool beans.

Just this morning, Heflin posted at her blog going “nyah nyah!” at everyone who attacked her:

It is clear that the Impotent, Pseudo-Svengali Misogynist known as “JohntheOther“, along with his mindless drones, “ScentedNectar” (mentally handicapped blind woman) and “GirlWritesWhat” (indoctrinated self-hating misogynist) wish me harm. Their own “Paul Elam” is the “man” responsible for the post on “A Voice For Men” regarding my suicide. I did not force them to post it there, nor did I force them to care or talk about it. I had no idea that they would post about it, nor did I know it would spread to dozens of other forums, threads, sites and Blogs. I am either omnipotent, or I am not the one to blame.

I only know about this because I got a mention, though Heflin has not, unfortunately, added me to her “Misogynists List”:

They, themselves, condemn White-Knighting, and yet, when the time comes to “pound” an enemy, they squander it for fear of the idiotic mainstream Feminists, namely the ones who tried to exploit me on their Blogs and Tumblr. Even some misogynist named “Matt Forney“, and a few other misogynists, called them out for it, and also kindly wished for me to Burn in Hell – a mythical space of eternal suffering devised by desert-men in some ancient book.

I’m particularly bemused by her putting my name (as well as Elam’s) in quotes. Er Kristy, that’s my real name, not a fancy pseudonym I pulled out of my ass. Unlike yourself, I don’t hide from my opinions; but then again, I’m not a schizophrenic psychopath calling for one half of the human race to be exterminated.

Thus ends my interest in the “Femitheist Divine” saga. I’ll only note that despite her keyboard bravado about crushing men beneath her stiletto heels, Heflin still whines about “bullying” like a Iowan party slut:

Good, call it a satire, call me a troll, I couldn’t care less. What I do, however, care about, is the fact that I keep getting spammed via inbox from these MRAs over shit that has nothing to do with me. I don’t want you people to recognize me, and I don’t want you to be outraged by what I post here, MRAs. I want you to ignore it. Leave me alone. Stop linking my Blog on your subreddit.

Y’know Kristy, if you post things that people find offensive, you’re going to get attention. If you don’t like it, do us all a favor and kill yourself. For real this time.

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