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Krista Jane Heflin’s Suicide Was a Hoax


After I put up my article gleefully pissing all over Krista Jane Heflin’s (aka “Femitheist Divine”) self-mutilated body, I began to wonder if the whole thing was made up, like a few others in the manosphere. I figured it didn’t matter, because someone who would fake their own suicide just to get attention is an utterly loathsome human being, on top of Heflin’s already existing loathsomeness. Plus, that post got me a degree in Red Pill Pharmacy from The University of Man, so cool beans.

Just this morning, Heflin posted at her blog going “nyah nyah!” at everyone who attacked her:

It is clear that the Impotent, Pseudo-Svengali Misogynist known as “JohntheOther“, along with his mindless drones, “ScentedNectar” (mentally handicapped blind woman) and “GirlWritesWhat” (indoctrinated self-hating misogynist) wish me harm. Their own “Paul Elam” is the “man” responsible for the post on “A Voice For Men” regarding my suicide. I did not force them to post it there, nor did I force them to care or talk about it. I had no idea that they would post about it, nor did I know it would spread to dozens of other forums, threads, sites and Blogs. I am either omnipotent, or I am not the one to blame.

I only know about this because I got a mention, though Heflin has not, unfortunately, added me to her “Misogynists List”:

They, themselves, condemn White-Knighting, and yet, when the time comes to “pound” an enemy, they squander it for fear of the idiotic mainstream Feminists, namely the ones who tried to exploit me on their Blogs and Tumblr. Even some misogynist named “Matt Forney“, and a few other misogynists, called them out for it, and also kindly wished for me to Burn in Hell – a mythical space of eternal suffering devised by desert-men in some ancient book.

I’m particularly bemused by her putting my name (as well as Elam’s) in quotes. Er Kristy, that’s my real name, not a fancy pseudonym I pulled out of my ass. Unlike yourself, I don’t hide from my opinions; but then again, I’m not a schizophrenic psychopath calling for one half of the human race to be exterminated.

Thus ends my interest in the “Femitheist Divine” saga. I’ll only note that despite her keyboard bravado about crushing men beneath her stiletto heels, Heflin still whines about “bullying” like a Iowan party slut:

Good, call it a satire, call me a troll, I couldn’t care less. What I do, however, care about, is the fact that I keep getting spammed via inbox from these MRAs over shit that has nothing to do with me. I don’t want you people to recognize me, and I don’t want you to be outraged by what I post here, MRAs. I want you to ignore it. Leave me alone. Stop linking my Blog on your subreddit.

Y’know Kristy, if you post things that people find offensive, you’re going to get attention. If you don’t like it, do us all a favor and kill yourself. For real this time.

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  • Bo Jangles

    Ignore me says woman who fakes suicide. Feminist logic.

  • MyChemFTW

    What a complete and utter bitch.

  • Jagan

    This bitch start to follow random person on twitter. I don’t even tweet past several months, why do she even follow me? When I see ‘femitheist(LoL)’ start following me I just know that I have to block her no matter what.
    This feminazi is a stalker and absolute dumb slut.

  • This woman for the safety of society should be immediately committed to a mental institution, the sooner the better. She is so insecure within herself that the only way she can establish self-worth is by the degradation through mutilation of others. Obviously this woman has the belief that men are superior and the only way for these immature, demented and mentally sick minds to gain control is through the mutilation of others which is truly a criminal act reserved for those with the Hitler syndrome. In fact I would not be surprised to learn she prefers dressing in some form of Nazi costume during sex.
    Females of this nature should have their reproductive factors removed over any fear of future harm they will implement on all others. I even suggest any man suspecting any female of this mentality should not waste time with courts and immediately take matters in to their own hands by performing an emergency in home lobotomy of the frontal lobe conforming these once dangerous minds into the peaceful subservient beings they were designed to be.

  • The Femitheist

    It’s a shame I can’t find more recent things about The Femitheist online and that most of the attention has died down, because boy do I have an interesting video for her fans.

    I dated a guy for a while last year. He turned out to be a very twisted, dishonest, strange little man. He lives not far from Krista and he’s been obsessed with her for “8 years” apparently. One day he claims he stole her photos and began blogging online. She found out and confronted him so he stole someone elses photo, said his name was Luci and asked her if she’d like to earn some money reading scripts for him. She agreed. They did all of this. Apparently she still doesn’t know there’s no such person as Luci, that he got me to pretend to be her on the phone last year and that she sent her nudes and confided in and trusted in this horrible guy that’s the cause of all of this mess in her life.

    I’ve never spoken to her. I’m not sure the real Krista is actually smart enough to come out with half the things she’s been told to say. I have no idea. She could actually be well aware that J is actually The Femitheist. There could be a number of people behind all of this, working on her blogs and taking screenshots when they donate a portion of what they earn to charity to prove to everyone they’re good people doing good work for humanity.

    I really don’t know what the truth is because I was lied to so much, but I do have J confession on video saved on my laptop. Seeing as he decided he didn’t want to stay away from me and is continuing to cause me trouble I don’t really have any more qualms about sticking my nose into this and seeing if once and for all someone out there can get to the bottom of the piss-infested, dishonest and shady mess.

    I rue the day I stumbled across these young psychos.

  • The Femitheist

    No. But you’re close. Well done.
    His grandfather was a Nazi though. He is fascinated by the world wars. He is one of those subtle secret racists that makes racist jokes and claims “it was just a joke brah!” He says “white power” a lot and voted for Trump.
    He claims to love humans and want to help humanity, but he seems very angry at the world.
    He does not like to wear Nazi uniforms during sex. But he actually does like to dress up! :) I wont tell you what exactly he’s into, but when we first met he used to say he wishes he was a woman and he’d have a sex change if he weren’t so manly.
    I don’t think he hates women or men or thinks either are superior actually. It’s either that or he changes his mind from day to day which he prefers. I think it’s more of a case of him being a very self-centred, selfish person that thinks the world owes him stuff and it’s not giving it to him. It’s very hard to get a good understanding of someone who is always lying and changing like a chameleon to suit his surroundings.
    He gets very bitter and twisted when he feels wronged or that things aren’t going his way in life and he’ll do just about anything to achieve what he wants, including stealing Krista Milburns images and leading not a double fucking life, but something like a triple or quadruple life online. He’s The Femitheist. He’s Krista. He’s Luci. He’s got several other channels making money off out of other artists music such as Korn and Lady Gaga.
    With a clear conscience he told me the things he’s been getting up to over the years. There’s no guilt. He was only angry that I disagreed with all of it and begged him repeatedly to tell Krista the truth.
    He is now, after I dumped him doing odd things and sniffing around my social circles. I told him to leave me alone but I don’t think he plans to. Perhaps he didn’t believe me when I said I was filming him…