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Larry Auster Weighs in on Weekly Standard Article on Relationships, Sex and Game

NOTE: This article was originally published at In Mala Fide on February 8, 2010. I’m re-posting it here as the site is now defunct. While I initially had planned to write a scathing obituary of Lawrence Auster when he croaked a month ago, I couldn’t go through with it; not because I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but because I’m so far removed from that corner of the blogosphere that I can’t muster up the anger anymore. In any event, ridicule beats vitriol when it comes to destroying your enemies. This satire says far more about Auster and his acolytes than anything else I could write.


If you have the time, be sure to read the featured article for this month’s issue of The Weekly Standard, entitled “The New Dating Game.” The piece is a depressing reminder of how thoroughly Darwinist, reductionist thinking has penetrated the conservative movement. In particular, writer Charlotte Allen takes her cues from the destructive, nihilistic, cultlike Game movement, even interviewing the Grand Whoremonger Roissy himself:

Roissy’s deliberately outrageous posts are a source of controversy. In a write-up on George Sodini, the man who shot up a gym near Pittsburgh last August, killing 3 women before turning the gun on himself, Roissy contended that Sodini, whose diary revealed that he had not had sex for 20 years before the incident, was simply a frustrated beta barred access to women by the sexual/feminist revolution and that “anything was justified” to avoid the “walking death” of celibacy. In other words, Sodini was a hapless victim of the sexual revolution.

Every artifact of biological reductionist thinking is on display in that article. It is truly desolating to see even respectable organs of mainstream conservatism succumb to the soulless nihilism and moral degeneracy of Roissy and his acolytes. The one lesson we can take from this is that most “conservatives” are not to be trusted, as they are merely liberals in conservative clothing. Nothing they say is to be taken at face value.

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Carl Celibate writes:

So, if Sodini had only gotten to have some sex, he wouldn’t have gone on a killing spree? This is further proof that the Roissyites are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled, lazy children throwing tantrums. Not having sex won’t kill you. I haven’t had sex with my wife in forty years and I have yet to shoot up a public square.

The Roissyites’ divination of sex, a trope of liberalism, is proof positive that no conservative who takes them seriously should be taken seriously.

Frank Fanboy writes:

I knew The Weekly Standard was a neocon rag, but this…this is a betrayal of conservatism of the highest order. If it weren’t for your daily musings, Mr. Auster, I’d have killed myself out of despair for our sick modern world.

LA writes:

Here’s VFR’s epic thread on Game.

Sally Sycophant writes:

You are so correct, Lawrence. The Gamesters are like little culties in their devotion to their great god-man Roissy. Thank God we have brilliant thinkers like yourself to point us towards the Truth. Without you, we would be as lost as children without their Father.

LA writes:

This is a good a time as any to remind you all that if you find this website useful, please consider a donation. Since I’ve been blacklisted from the right-wing press and am unable to get a real job, your contributions are necessary to keep View from the Right going. As for why no other conservatives want to be associated with me, well, um, well, just donate. Manhattan studio apartments aren’t cheap.

Mark Monastic writes:

I’ve been thinking. With the poisonous and false mythology of the Gamists infecting every conservative outlet, we few who can still think clearly should consider isolating ourselves both from the rest of the movement and the rest of modern society. I’ve been drawing up plans for a proposed “Austerville” in the Catskills. If we start construction now, we can all relocate before the Hale-Bopp comet makes a pass by Earth again.

Bill Biblethumper writes:

One thing you haven’t written about is how Gamers are latching onto Christianity in order to promote their warped, perverted worldview. Here’s a good takedown of that phenomena.

LA replies:

Although I agree with everything that guy says, I can’t trust him because he hates Jews.

Laura Wood (visit her blog) writes:

Larry, you’re so sexy when you get all curmudgeonly.

LA replies:

No comment.

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