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My Latest Book, Do the Philippines, Drops This Friday: Get it for Half-Off

Do the PhilippinesI’m pleased to announce the release of my first new book in over two years, Do the Philippines: How to Make Love with Filipino Girls in the Philippines. If you buy the e-book edition this Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day), you’ll get it at a 50% discount: it’ll be only $3.99. This sale will end on Sunday, December 27 at midnight CST (1am EST/10pm PST), after which the price will revert to $7.99.

As most of you already know, I spent part of last year in the Philippines. During those three months, I slept with more women than I did in the previous five years of my life. These were not prostitutes, but normal girls I met at malls, bars, on the street and online. They included lawyers, computer engineers, college students, and corporate drones.

Not only that, I met and had relationships with some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known. While it’s true that Filipinas are easy, you can find cute, feminine girls who are worthy of marriage just by going off the beaten track. Judging all Filipinas on the sinkhole of degeneracy that is Manila is like assuming all Americans act like New Yorkers.

As a result, I decided fairly early on in my trip that I was going to write a Bang-style guide to the Philippines at some point. Despite being a popular destination for many in the manosphere, the amount of literature on Filipinas—at least in book form—is pretty lacking. The fact that most of the non-manosphere info on the Philippines is geared at whoremongers and gross old sex tourists doesn’t help either.

I like to think I’ve written the definitive guide on hooking up with pinays. Here’s a excerpt from a early review by Return of Kings contributor Quintus Curtius:

Those looking for “game” advice will not be disappointed: you have it all laid out here, from the initial approach, to text game, going on dates, logistics, and all the rest. This type of advice never gets old, and if nothing else serves to motivate and inspire readers to greater and greater feats of conquest. Forney also goes out of his way to credit his sources, something that too often goes unheeded in the literary world, and says much about his integrity. What impresses him most of all with the women is their pure femininity, a quality that is too often conspicuously lacking in women here in the US.

If you’re interested in reviewing Do the Philippines, click here to email me for a review copy. Use subject line “Do the Philippines Review Copy” and tell me whether you want a paperback, ePub, .mobi/Kindle, or PDF copy. Additionally, I have an affiliate program that will allow you to make money by promoting Do the Philippines and my other books. Learn more about it and sign up here.

The Philippines: Poosy Paradise Lost?

Some men will probably criticize me for writing Do the Philippines, fearful that a horde of players will descend upon that nation’s fair shores and leave it looking like Toronto with palm trees. The fact that the Philippines is suffering from some unpleasant trends (such as rising obesity) doesn’t help my case.

Thing is, I don’t think it’s even possible for the Philippines to end up like Poland or any other poosy paradise lost. As I wrote at Return of Kings nearly a year ago, Filipinos are xenophilic to a degree that I don’t think any other country could be. Philippine culture is defined by its bizarre ability to assimilate foreign trends and make them its own. The average Filipina’s lust for white cock is an outgrowth of this Borg-like hunger.

My hope is that Do the Philippines heralds a renaissance of normal guys invading the country to wife up its womenfolk (or just spunk on their faces). Visiting the country was a transformative experience for me; it let me experience, for the first time in my life, a world where men and women worked together instead of opposing each other. A world in which women like men and want to please them, absent the antagonism and social retardation that defines American girls.

As hokey as this sounds, living in the Philippines made me a better man.

I wholeheartedly recommend that every man spend some time in the Philippines to experience what normality is. The game and the personality you’ve cultivated as an American is an adaptation to a sick society and not how you’re supposed to be. Do the Philippines is the book that will help you make the most of your Philippine adventure.

  • scythian

    Always been curious about southeast Asia. I must say all my experience with Philippina’s in the states was not good they were very hypergamous and had bad personalities. I’ve had tons of success with various types of Mexican, Colombian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Indian, Persians, Lebanese and Syrian girls here in the states as well as every type of white American skankapotomus you can imagine. I’ve even had a few west Indian girls, but up to now my success with south Asian girls is limited to Thai and very aggressive game is the only type that seemed to work. Not sure what exactly turns the East Asians off though south east Asians do seem friendlier than most Koreans and Chinese. I think its probably my lack of impressive career. I too have lived over seas (Eastern Europe) and can attest that what works with one group of women does not work with another more often than not. Any thoughts on why what works with various ethnicities does? ……..Intellectual game works well with eastern European girls. Latinas respond to more provider game (though Mexicans are by far the easiest!) and American girls outside the south are a lost cause….just be edgy and bit of a cad as long as you have some decent looks from what I can tell even than every year American women seem to get worse acting like sluts than getting upset when you treat them like such. Any feedback? Id love to hear it.