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rogers park

Leftists Protest Chicago Public Schools Budget Cuts in Rogers Park

rogers park

Yesterday, I was taking a stroll through the neighborhood when I was confronted with a sizable armada of angry leftists protesting… something. Being the curious man I am, I pulled out my phone and decided to document what was going on.

Turns out that the protest was being run by some group called Raise Your Hand, and they were protesting proposed public school funding cuts. The crowd of roughly 200-300 white hippies, teachers and Mexicans (including tons of kids, which is child abuse as far as I’m concerned) marched in a circle down Morse, went right on Greenview, made another right onto Pratt, turned right at Clark, then ended up back on Morse, where they crowded into the courtyard of Newfield Elementary School:

After seeing that nothing interesting was going on, I put away my phone and went home. I didn’t even bother doing a wrap-up video because there wasn’t anything to say.

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  • Kit Ingoldby

    Why do these people bother to hold these protests? Who notices and who cares? Is it just to break up the day and an excuse to get out of work for a day?

  • Shmalkandik

    It supports the illusion of impact. Well worth losing one day of minimum wage pay (if that much) to feed the vanity and monstrous ego that burdens them.