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Let’s Play Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars


I was a big fan of the 2005 roguelike Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, the only game that lets you explore the galaxy in thirty minutes or less. It’s a hybrid of exploration, adventure and space combat, like Star Control II with a randomly generated galaxy. Your goal: explore as many planets as you can, collect doodads, and discover/fight alien races, while making sure you get back to your home system before time runs out.

So I was elated when I heard a sequel, Infinite Space III, was out.

I snapped it up on Steam a while back, but didn’t really get the opportunity to play it all that much. At least, I didn’t play it much before recording this, my very first Let’s Play video. Spoiler alert: they changed shit on me, and I sound bewildered at points trying to figure it out.

Nonetheless, I had a good time exploring the galaxy and kicking space ass in this Let’s Play, which you can view below. Let me know what you think and whether you want to see me do more Let’s Plays.

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  • spidaman3

    Seems to be a cool game to pass the time, beat it in 30 minutes? Yeah i’ll check it out