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Lindy West and the End of the Feminist Nomenklatura


If Lindy West didn’t exist, the manosphere would have to invent her.

The mere fact that this shallow, talentless hack even has a writing career is proof that feminists simply don’t care anymore. They’ve slid down the path into senility, drooling all over their bibs, shitting their pants, unable to tell their own children apart from the underpaid Mexican wage-slaves responsible for keeping them from tripping down the stairs and breaking their necks.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and all the rest are rolling in their graves.

Even by the debased standards of feminist writing, Lindy West is terrible. In her defense, her inept prose can be in part blamed on her having to adopt Gawker Media’s in-house style, the smug, snarky patois of upper-middle class white people whose lives are completely devoid of struggle and pain. But style or no style, there’s simply no excuse for writing like this:

And this “good girl” shit isn’t just limited to odious ding-dongs like dude-who-doesn’t-know-the-difference-between-extinct-and-fucking-mythological. I know plenty of progressive, liberal, adult men who openly say they’re looking for a “good girl”—who prioritize some paternalistic illusion of “self-respect” over personality and chemistry. And to those dudes, I say, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE HOW CREEPY THIS IS. Can you imagine if women went around saying they were just looking for a “good boy” and sometimes they “jokingly” scout kindergartens for promising baby virgins?!?!?! Groooooooooss!!!!!

The same world in which John Dolan and his wife were reduced to begging on the streets of Victoria allows someone who wrote this to make a living doing it. The obnoxious use of ALL-CAPS, the hyphen abuse, the padding, the pointless profanity, the super-elongated signoff: this is the kind of writing that would get you flunked out of a high school English class. Reading this, I can’t help but visualize Lindy splayed out on her sofa like Jabba the Hutt, slamming her hamfists down on her grease-stained Macbook and screaming at her boyfriend slave for sustenance. “LINDY THE FAT DEMANDS MORE PIES!”

If it weren’t for the feminist nomenklatura, the most she’d be able to achieve in life would be running a lingerie shop in Ballard.

What is a nomenklatura? The term dates back to the Soviet Union and was used to refer to the privileged class that made up the country’s second-tier leadership; the Outer Party, if you want to use Orwell’s terminology. After executing all the Russian nobility following the Civil War, Lenin and Stalin started working on creating a new class that would be one hundred percent loyal to them. This was done by creating a system that nurtured and rewarded communist apparatchiks from cradle to grave.

Future members of the Soviet nomenklatura started out in the Young Pioneers, the Hitler Youth-esque brainwashing organization that replaced the Boy Scouts. From there, they graduated to the Komsomol, the youth wing of the Communist Party, before becoming card-carrying Bolsheviks themselves. At every turn, they were vetted for their loyalty to the communist revolution and their willingness to blindly follow orders. It was effectively feudalism; the nomenklatura fiercely promoted the interests of their Inner Party patrons in exchange for little pats on the head.

Modern American feminism functions in almost the exact same way.

Instead of the Young Pioneers, future feminist apparatchiks begin their careers in the universities, usually second-tier state schools or private liberal arts degree mills like Bryn Mawr or Vassar. Jessica Valenti, for example, got her bachelor’s from the University at Albany back when it was one of America’s top party schools. From there, they move on to either graduate school or writing for alternative shitrags like the Stranger which exist mainly to facilitate casual hookups among ugly people. Finally, if they’re lucky, one of the “real” propaganda outlets like Jezebel will snap them up. You got it made, baby!

So long as you mindlessly repeat the party line, you’ll never have to worry about making the rent.

The reason why the most well-known feminist writers are so godawful is because the nomenklatura values loyalty way more than talent. As the Kiwis put it, the tall poppy gets the chop: people who are exceptional at what they do have an annoying tendency to wander off the plantation and start asking questions. Camille Paglia is the most famous example of a feminist who got excommunicated for not toeing the party line, but Hugo Schwyzer is a more recent victim; as fucked up as he is, his prose is crisp and he can actually articulate feminist arguments using comprehensible logic. So naturally, he’s been thrown under the bus because a few vocal crybabies took exception to his past. Compare to Lindy West, whose biography is so bland and predictable that she barely qualifies as a human being:

Lindy West is a writer, humorist, storyteller, and cultural critic based in Seattle, Washington. After seven years as a film reviewer and editor for The Stranger (Seattle’s alternative newsweekly), she signed on as a Staff Writer/full-time moral scold at, where she attempts to make social justice palatable by disguising it as entertainment. She specializes in angry, (hopefully) hilarious polemics on racism, sexism, and human bodies. Her work has also appeared in Slate, GQ, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the New York Daily News, Vulture, Gawker, Deadspin, Cracked, msnbc, and some other places she can’t remember right now. She is available for your speaking engagement. She is currently at work on her next book. As soon as this episode of Chopped is over.

The most telling segment of that paragraph is “moral scold.” Feminism has completely shucked all that “free love” jazz and embraced its putrid Puritan roots, the same sick impulses that forced Prohibition on America and banned over-the-counter heroin. I’d put an over-under on how long it’ll take Lindy to start smashing up comedy clubs with a hatchet, but Carrie Nation at least actually believed in something.

Lindy West is a big fat fraud.

That was part of the reason why the Soviet Union collapsed; when you vet potential leaders exclusively on how well they can parrot slogans and polish asses with their tongues, you eventually end up with a bunch of incompetents and shysters running everything. Watching Lindy consistently try to jump the already low feminist bar and smack her face into it every time is hilarious, but the recent “rape joke” kerfuffle is the final nail in her coffin:

Anyone who can still respect Lindy West after watching that video has brain damage. She’s an intellectual lightweight whose flimsy arguments consist of warmed-over PC boilerplate and insults, such as her comment that comedy clubs are “dark basements full of angry men,” a remark that would be borderline libelous if it wasn’t so self-evidently false. It’s clear that she’s never cracked a book on feminist theory or studied history in any significant fashion. The only reason Lindy lasted as long as she did is because the hipster doofus host constantly reframed the debate to keep her from embarrassing herself too badly.

And despite this, Jim Norton still shredded her arguments to pieces.

Lindy West’s snarky, content-free writing style is meant to mask not only her lack of knowledge about feminism, but her lack of conviction. She is a fundamentally unserious woman for whom feminism is a pose, a way to advance her career and nothing more, Chuck Klosterman in a 3XL miniskirt. The minute that whining about the patriarchy is no longer a guaranteed meal ticket, Lindy and her ilk will drop it like a Big Mac with a loogie on the inside.

And feminism’s time in the sun is just about over.

Rob Fedders has been pointing out for years now that our cultural Marxist overlords implement policies in a zig-zag fashion; zigging to the left to unmake traditional society, then zagging to the right to solidify their gains. For example, welfare reform in the 90’s as championed by Bill Clinton was a rightward zag, cutting the umbilical cord of big government after raising an entire generation to be utterly dependent on it. The purpose of welfare—breaking up the family, stifling private enterprise and encouraging people to rely on the state for survival—had been accomplished, so there was no need to keep up the flow of gimmedats.

For all of the bleating of the feminist nomenklatura, the primary goals of feminism have been accomplished. Women are free to slave away for eight hours a day in an office, free to blow their disposable income on useless trinkets, free to slough off their children to daycare centers, free to sleep around, and free to divorce their husbands for no higher justification than their feeeeeelings. The MRAs MHRAs are useful idiots for the government’s next big rightward zag:

The way to remove children from their mothers, via Marxist techniques, would be to abandon the cause of women and take up the cause of men. It can easily be pointed out now that it is men who are not treated equally, and dialectically speaking, it is quite easy to see how disenfranchised fathers could be manipulated into thinking shared-parenting (or, marriage 3.0) is in everyone’s best interests, and thereby empower the government to take custody of children away from mothers and place them in the custody of the State –  who will then decide a baby-sitting schedule for the sperm and egg donors. It is also not a stretch for oversight committees to be erected to ensure the “ongoing best interests of the child.” Heck, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s thesis compared children in the family to the corruption Indians experienced on the reserve. That wingnut Marxist believes that the government should create a new bureaucracy to represent children separately from their parents. In other words, each child ought to have a legal-aid lawyer representing them, so that their parents don’t abuse their power over them.

It’s already happening. Now that the manosphere is being recognized as a serious, powerful force, “red pill woman” blogs are popping up like herpes sores on a born-again virgin’s bikini area. Women are herd creatures at heart: they will always follow so long as men lead. And as much as we’d love to try all the feminist collaborators at a metaphorical Nuremberg, there are more than enough thirsty saps who will eagerly lick the clit of any woman who claims to have seen the light, no matter how openly self-serving her motives. Add in the coming left singularity and feminists are really screwed.

Lindy West has already shown that she’s willing to concede anti-feminist talking points. What makes you think she’ll hold out when the stakes are higher?

So I wouldn’t put too much faith in the younger generation of feminists. Oh sure, they may be bitching about “fatphobia” and “rape culture” today, but their convictions are barely skin-deep. In ten years, you’ll be browsing the Internet one day when a friend sends you a link to an article titled “Rediscovering Your Inner Housewife” or “The Joys of Letting Him Take the Lead.” You’ll click it open for a brief chuckle and stop cold when you spot the byline:

“By Lindy West.”

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  • Roosh

    Devastating takedown. Felt like I was reading The Exile.

  • Jeremy

    Anyone who’s heard Jim on O&A knows that he wasn’t even trying to destroy Lindy’s arguments. He was handling her with kid gloves. Jim is very good at pursuing answers to a question when someone annoys him by not answering. When no answer comes, he’ll treat his debate opponent like a witless heckler.

  • Yikes, Matt. Double-howitzer all the way!

    Agreed on the nomenklatura bit. To my mind, it’s been a very long and slow decline to something like the video you posted. Lindy shouldn’t have even been given air time — at all. Waste of time and air space that can be devoted to other, more pressing problems.

    And, to be fair, there are plenty of men out there who write similarly to Lindy, or something equally god-awful. I realize that, among some ‘spherians, content is far more important than spelling, grammar, or the like. That I can forgive. But, I find it hard to forgive lack of a coherent argument or story. I expect this from chicks, but not from guys.

  • Jay

    I couldn’t make it past the video. Her appearance disgusts me and it makes it diffiult for me to hear anything she says. Maybe I should read the transcript.

    Listening to her talk seems very similar to the way she writes: incoherent ramblings presented by a perpetual juvenile.

  • Andy

    I love the way cunts like her, claim several titles. One can never just be a writer or say, Doctor. But you have to be a writer, humorist, storyteller……yadayada cunt.
    She is a fat feckless halfwit.

  • “Even by the debased standards of feminist writing, Lindy West is terrible. In her defense, her inept prose can be in part blamed on her having to adopt Gawker Media’s in-house style, the smug, snarky patois of upper-middle class white people whose lives are completely devoid of struggle and pain.”

    This is an apt descriptor for all magazine and newspaper writers these days. The worst is that they look down on people like us for not being as well-born (they’ll say “educated”) — then they’ll tell us to check our “privilege” for the crimes of being born a certain skin color and gender and not rich enough to get the latest iGadget for Christmas. It’s why a small part of me stands and cheers when I read of another newspaper or magazine folding. The loss is to the privileged classes who write for them. As for the rest of us, we got sick of being condescended to a long time ago.

    By the way, I love the shout-out to John Dolan — his work as Gary Brecher, The War Nerd alone is deserving of a million-dollar MacArthur Genius Grant. Of course, we know how the real world works.

    As for Chuck Klosterfuck, he’s still around? He reminds me to the obnoxious fat kid my college paper would keep around to write “humor” column. When he showed up in *Spin* I knew it was time to let my subscription lapse. Besides, at that point in the late 1990s, I was tired of being hectored to throw out my Beatles and Zep and anything with a guitar on it because Radiohead doesn’t do that anymore and they’re the only band you should care about, because Thom Yorke. And the Ten Thousand Names of Electronic Music is the future! Rich kids dance to this in Ibiza and in South Beach; you “rawk” troglodytes need to get with the program! Now look at this multi-page fashion shoot we did on the rooftops of Tokyo featuring $300 black T-shirts….

    Yeah, they’ll all turn on a dime when the Narrative changes to suit whatever agenda is going on with the ruling class. Many people missed the direct punch you landed on the MHRAs. When the “H” showed up I became uneasy. Now I know why.

  • ray

    fine piece on the massive second-tier “make-work” femocracy across the west that funds and empowers talentless pie-holes like lindy west, jessica valenti, ad nauseum . . . hanging from the streetlamps is way too good for these traitors, and for those who hire them, it doesnt repair the tremendous damage theyve done

    “nomenklatura” is exactly right, the past 40 years the main asset required is Grovelling to the Gulag, if you’ll do that, the money (and “celebrity”) will find you

    the old USSR ran off the same anti-energy — rule by third and fourth raters, mediocrities who wouldnt ever make it under a fair and just system, only Holy State Ideology can make the lindy west’s appear relevant, or competent

    course, that means the actual talent croaks, and so does amerikan k-k-kulture, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure that bloated, cake-snurfing, spoiled brat UMC women remain empowered over The Evil Males, and spending spending spending money

    the bill’s come due for it tho, and you’re wrong about lindy’s (and america’s) return to The Beav and some righty Reactionville, aint gonna happen


  • Whenever I see Lindy West, I think of the fat chick Chris Farley played in the “GAP Girls” skits back in the early 90s. West pretty much is what happens when the intellectual and aesthetic abilities of an overweight spoiled valley girl are applied to feminism.

  • Thursday

    when you vet potential leaders exclusively on how well they can parrot slogans and polish asses with their tongues, you eventually end up with a bunch of incompetents and shysters running everything.

    It’s worse than that. When you criminalize the smart, the smart get criminal. For example, has there ever been a time like our feminized era when it has been easier to exploit a woman. Not to mention our criminal financial sector. When everything is a lie, who cares if you burn it all to the fucking ground. Get it while you can.

  • Thursday

    When you criminalize the smart, the smart get criminal.

    Another parallel to the former Soviet Union.

  • Yang Wenli

    “For all of the bleating of the feminist nomenklatura, the primary goals of feminism have been accomplished.”

    The goal posts just keep moving. The ultimate goal of feminism is that no woman will ever have to be held accountable for any action, ever. This is why it’s such a natural fit with the Left, who’s ultimate philosophy is that no one has any responsibility for anything they do, except for the “oppressors”, who can do no right.

    “Feminism has completely shucked all that “free love” jazz and embraced its putrid Puritan roots, the same sick impulses that forced Prohibition on America and banned over-the-counter heroin”

    You should definitely repost that article from In Mala Fide about the Puritan roots of progressivism. I think it was called “America’s 400 year war on the Catholic Church” or something like that. It’s one of the best things I’ve read on the Internet.

  • I was shocked – SHOCKED – when I saw that she was giant tub of lard. No WAY I could have anticipated that.

  • TMG

    Really great stuff, but based on what evidence do you assert the men’s rights movement is calling for a return to marriage 3.0? Most of the biggest voices are ambivalent to marriage at best, and many are dead-set against it. And the community is perfectly happy to blow anyone pushing marriage out of the water.

  • I admire her. Her life’s work is making people pissed off, and she’s great at it.

    Jezebel has a bunch of writers who ought to infuriate reactionaries just as much as Lindy West. I can’t remember any of their names, while Lindy’s leaps right to the tongue. She’s the antifeminists’ bete noir for a reason, and it’s not her physical appearance. She is just a fucking wizard at making people mad.

    That reaction you have when you read her shit– and we all read all of her shit– is exactly what she wants. That feeling that you’re being vilified as a malevolent overlord and yet infantilized and belittled at the same time. Every piece of hers leaves me in a state of pissy, defensive rage. Even though I am a liberal. Even though I knew what it was going to be going in. Even though I ought to know better than to get riled up over a a thousand word throwaway on the internet.

    She has a comedy background. That’s why her pieces hit so much harder than her colleagues’ smarmy college essays. Comedians like to think they’re deep critics of society but really, they’ll say whatever gets the laugh. She’ll say whatever gets the rage. Righteous self-pitying rage from her allies and pissy defensive rage from the likes of me. And she is great at it. She is famous and paid well and it’s because she’s the best rage-median on the planet.

    So, I tip my hat to her. Game recognize game. And it’s awesome that she goes by what I can only assume is a porn name.

  • Also, I bet she never fucks up the spelling of “bete noire” like I just did.

  • TMG: Read the posts from NO MA’AM. Shared parenting is one of the biggest issues pushed by the MHRM and fathers’ rights groups, and the one most likely to become law. From what I understand, Massachusetts is taking big steps towards it. Massachusetts! The heart of American liberalism! They’re the state where the MRM program has had the most success.

    Delicious Tacos: I don’t hate Lindy West. Hate implies that I view her as a threat. I feel sorry for her more than anything. She’s a vapid clown who is massively out of her depth. I’ve seen her “game” played far too often to be fazed by it anymore.

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  • slumlord

    Good to see you back in old form ferdi……….I mean Matt.

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  • Tim

    Oh my God, when this woman started talking about how she’s oppressed, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Look at the fucking size of her, what she eats in a day could probably sustain an African village for a month.

    Doesn’t she care about the starving children over there? All the food she’s consuming could easily save their lives. Seems oppressive to wield that kind of power.

  • Mina

    “Now that the manosphere is being recognized as a serious, powerful force, “red pill woman” blogs are popping up like herpes sores on a born-again virgin’s bikini area. Women are herd creatures at heart: they will always follow so long as men lead.”
    Now I understand why all of these blogs started popping up! Sad that the answer was so obvious and I missed it. Wonder why. (joke, it’s a joke!)

  • She sure wants call people dicks.

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  • I could’ve done without most of the fat jokes, but this was fantastic.

  • Joe Trott

    She’s a fucking Commie. Everything this nation is supposed to circumvent from society.

  • Jeana Siblowski

    Devastating? When a writer resorts to nasty fat jokes to bolster his argument, I’d hardly call it “devastating.”

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  • She should be labeled #ICBINTO and then forgotten.

  • John Dunkerley

    yes. Look at the Bill Cosby situation, whether he’s guilty or not. Now there’s a call to extend rape report times to be able to prosecute, to many more years, maybe milennia if feminists had their way.

  • John Smith

    Cumheel Piglia is also a feminist and a dyke, I wouldn’t trust anything she says.