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Watch My Live YouTube Stream on Jordan Owen’s Cut of The Sarkeesian Effect Tonight at 7:30 PM EST


As some of you may know, Jordan Owen recently released his cut of The Sarkeesian Effect, two months after grenading the project due to his own deep-seated personal issues. Tonight at 7:30 pm EST/4:30 pm PST, William Rome and I will be watching Owen’s version of the film and streaming our commentary live on YouTube for the edification of all.

Please note that due to legal and technical reasons, we will not be streaming any part of the film itself, only our commentary. To follow along with our commentary, you can purchase The Sarkeesian Effect here for only $3.99. Additionally, while I cannot condone or aid any attempts to obtain the film without paying, I also cannot control how my viewers behave.

You can watch the stream when it starts by using the window below, or you can click here to watch it on YouTube and join the chat. You can also use the window below to watch a recording of the stream after it ends.

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