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The Living Dead

NOTE: This article was originally published at The Right Stuff on December 12, 2012. I’m re-posting it here as I am no longer affiliated with the site.

From the Decline of Civilization file:

After nearly 25 years of improved skin flick access, we’ve witnessed just about everything known to man crowbarred into porn (as Rule 34 states: “If it exists, there is porn of it”), so it’s not that surprising that the latest variety offered up to us is a mother and daughter duo from Tampa, Florida—22-year-old Monica and 56-year-old Jessica, AKA “The Sexxxtons“—who perform in porn films together.

The family that sprays together stays together?

Anyway, the interview is about what you’d expect from a mother-daughter porn duo. For example, surprise, surprise, there’s no father in the picture. But what struck me about the Sexxxtons was how empty they were, how their answers showed they had no higher consciousness or cognizance of their actions:

Fair enough. How old were you when you shot your first film, Monica?
Monica: I was 20. Things are really open between my mom and I, so I just went to her and said that doing porn together was a really good idea and that we should do it, so we did.

What do you enjoy about shooting together?
I just like being with my mom. But I also like fucking.

Fair enough. What do you normally think about when you’re filming?
I think about how much money we’re going to make. We want to have an amazing life and there are some charities and things that we want to give to.

One of the most insipid refrains of the left is the essential “humanity” of people. Feminists bleat about their ideology being “the radical idea that women are human beings”; any condemnation of a protected victim group is met with the usual “but they’re people too!”

But what if most people aren’t human? What if they’re reptiles with warm blood? Chattel, slaves, only fit for the whip or the grave?

If there’s a basic test to qualify as human, most people would fail it miserably. A baseline of intelligence? Zip. Compassion and charity for the downtrodden? Nope. Ability to recognize the consequences of your actions? Are you kidding me?

If it seems like you have nothing in common with the bum on the street corner hustling you for beer money, or your retarded celebrity news-watching sister-in-law, it’s because you don’t.

Jessica and Monica Sexxxton may look the part, but they’re not human beings. They lack the essential component that separates humans from base animals; a soul. They live their lives as unthinkingly and obliviously as a stray cat pissing on the walls of an inner city alley; eat, sleep, fuck, breathe and that’s it. They can’t hold a conversation that goes beyond herp derping for half-an-hour.

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