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LMR Exposed by Vincent Vinturi

lmr-exposedLMR Exposed is one book that ought to be in the back of every manospherian’s mind, even if you don’t care about game or pickup books. As Vincent’s splash page proudly declares, it’s “the book that was banned from Amazon,” yanked after feminist HuffPo writer Sara C. Nelson libelously declared it a “rape guide.” She subsequently felt the full brunt of Return of Kings’ wrath, with none of her fellow feminasties offering to help her in her time of need.

Having read LMR Exposed, I can confidently say that anyone who claims that it’s a “rape guide” is batshit insane.

To the feminist crowd, for whom sex is impossible unless both parties negotiate a consent form and sign it in triplicate, it might seem that way, but who cares what a bunch of autistic defectives think? If you’re looking for a laser-point guide on how to navigate the treacherous seas of female psychology, LMR Exposed is worth the buy.

What makes LMR Exposed a worthwhile resource is its comprehensiveness. While Vincent goes over some territory that will be familiar (such as the evo-psych reasoning behind why girls put up last minute resistance), he offers a complete suite of advice designed to help you power through girls’ rationalizations:

Woman are, by and large, exhorted by this system to keep the number of their sexual partners in the single digits, even if just on paper. They’re shamed for behaving like ‘sluts’ (sleeping around freely) and to avoid the severe social stigma of being labeled this way, they put up roadblocks to sex even when they’d actually really like to get it on!

To that end, Vincent explores just about every aspect of seducing women, from how to prepare beforehand, how to be the best man you can be, and actual tactics for disarming a woman’s resistance. None of his advice could be considered “rapey,” as his techniques essentially boil down to good salesmanship, working to convince the girl at a subconscious level that she should submit:

You’re basically saying “I want to fuck. Do you? Make a decision…now!” If you have other girls lined up and you can make do without this girl and her coyness, I say take the gamble. If your inventory is too small to be taking high-risk (yet high-reward) chances, take a more conservative approach to dismantling her LMR.

In addition to LMR Exposed itself, the package also includes a book of case studies of girls Vincent has banged. That’s one hell of a deal.

Where I would fault Vincent is that some of his ideas are a bit old and shopworn, such as the aforementioned evo-psych bit. Additionally, while this may sound shallow, I find his New Age-y meditation advice to be a bit… fruity.

Nonetheless, even if there are individual aspects of LMR Exposed that rub me the wrong way, Vincent’s advice is solid and clearly comes from years of experience. If you’re wondering how you can better crash through girls’ last minute resistance, LMR Exposed is a great read.

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  • “autistic defectives?”

    Get a clue, Matt. Autists are evolutionarily successful. Our genes are a significant part of the human gene pool. We have certain strengths, like being able to focus our attention better than non-autists. We have social development weaknesses, too, of course, but those can be mitigated a lot and tend to have a much lower impact as we age. Most people I’m around have no idea that I’m autistic–that’s how much I have been able to mitigate its negative impact.

    You should research what autism is instead of exposing your ignorance by using autism as a pejorative.

  • dick butkus

    I would like to buy the book. When I try to do so on his site using the link to paypal theres an error and paypal says that his email address is invalid. Irritating.

  • Sorry about that @Dick. I just learned from a few people emailing me that there’s something wrong with the payment processor. Fixing it now.

    If you’d like to email me I’ll ping you when everything’s working again:

    Thanks for the honest write-up, Matt. If meditation is fruity…call me a fruit! :P

  • Got the Paypal checkout fixed. Thanks for the heads up guys.