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“Looks Don’t Matter”: How to Tell Keyboard Players from the Real Thing


Do any of the frauds who claim that “looks don’t matter” for guys really believe the BS they’re spewing?

Unlike most of these dregs, I’m not anonymous. You can see what I look like by clicking on my About page. Without so much as pressing the Play button on my vlog, you can guess the quality of trim I’ve been getting. That’s part of why I started this blog: I was sick of being overweight and I’m trying to get in shape.

So don’t even try to fucking tell me that “looks don’t matter.”

This isn’t a gender thing, it’s a basic human thing. Nobody wants to look at sweaty, greasy, smelly blobs. Nobody thinks double-chins and back fat are sexy. This goes for men and women. “Shallow” is a slur invented by ugly people to denigrate anyone who places any value on appearance, when the reality goes the other way: attractive, fit people are not only more intelligent than fat ones, they’re less likely to be mentally ill.

Last week, Fly, Fresh & Young posted a link to an idiotic thread on Roosh’s forum full of morons claiming that being jacked and muscular isn’t important to girls. You know, if those keyboard jockeys spent half the time they did arguing online working out, they’d be ripped by now and actually getting laid.

“But Matt, so-and-so celebrity looks like a dog’s asshole and girls LOVE him!”

Yes, so-and-so celebrity is getting laid… because he’s a celebrity. He’s rich and famous. Which is easier: becoming a world-famous millionaire or getting a fucking gym membership?

Therefore, I’ve come up with a foolproof method of identifying phonies in the manosphere: if they claim “looks don’t matter,” they’re bullshitters.

No ifs, ands or buts about it. I’m willing to debate how much looks matter, but claiming that they don’t matter at all? Get the fuck out of here.

The good thing is that a man’s looks are easy to change.

Most men can go from zero to hero by getting a new wardrobe and cutting some weight. This is what I’m doing. I won’t consider my mission a success unless I’m almost completely unrecognizable by the end.

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  • how cute, my link is still on the trackback. It’s so good to explore the archives of any blog – gets quite nostalgic – like I remember the time I read them the first time.

  • Jerry

    They do matter, but YOU may have the look a hot woman likes. so you need to, ahem, expose yourself to as many woman as possible so the one who finds you hot sees you. funny site by the way. your cruel humour reminds me of National Lampoon.

  • Derfel the Mighty

    Looks matter. I am lucky enough that-despite only being 5’7′–women notice me when I walk in a room. It shows in their behavior, like last night a bartender, a hard 9, saw me a few moments after is at down. She immediately went from being loud and vivacious to speaking softly in a cute voice, coming to stand in front of me at every chance, ‘adjusting’ her blouse so her massive juggs were practically bouncing out of her bra, constantly wiping the very clean bar right in front of me while 8gnoring the rest of the messy mahogany, and posing slyly at every chance. But looks alone are far from sufficient to score a piece like her; without game to pump up my value, I’d just be another chump

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