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Maca Root Makes Your Balls Bigger

maca-rootMaca root is another in the long line of supplements I’ve been testing out. According to Pill Scout, it’s best known for being an aphrodisiac. In my case, the biggest thing it’s done for me is increase the size of my nuts.

I’m not joking.

Maca root is one hell of a supplement. While having bigger balls isn’t exactly the most useful side effect, the benefits it’s had on my energy levels make it well worth the money.

Maca Root Gets to the Root of the Problem

Maca is a vegetable that originates in the Peruvian Andes, where it’s grown for food. There are a lot of anecdotal claims that taking it can help with adrenal and thyroid health and the like, but the scientific literature is pretty thin.

Maca root’s primary benefits seem to be sexual.

When I started taking three capsules (1575 mg) of it a day, I noticed that after a week, my testicles had grown considerably larger. This would seem to square with the evidence that it helps to increase sperm count in men.

Additionally, I noticed that when I was on maca root, I started getting erections more frequently, as if I were a teenager again. I don’t have problems with impotence, but it was an increasing change. Also, I really haven’t noticed any change in my desire to fuck, but the body appears to be more willing then the mind when I’m on the stuff.

Finally, when I combine maca root with other energy boosting supplements such as bee pollen, it seems to make me more alert and active during the day. It’s not a huge benefit, but it’s nice.

I’ve used two brands of maca root: Nature’s Way capsules and Powder City’s gelatinized maca root powder. While the former will work adequately, you get more bang for your buck with the powder, because it’s more effective and cheaper per gram. The only downside to maca root powder is that it’s not water soluble and it tends to clump when you pour it into a glass, so some people may be put off by the taste.

Overall, I’d highly recommend buying maca root if you’re looking to boost your energy levels and/or performance in the bedroom. It’s inexpensive, effective and one of the most beneficial supplements you can take.

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  • Man, as if we weren’t intimidating enough to SJW white knights with our natural balls.

    I have to say, the energy boost (especially as I have bee pollen on hand) sounds interesting. Sometimes I get so into a task my sleep suffers.

  • Pete M

    You’re not concerned about increased ball size? Surely that’s worrying from a medical standpoint???

  • Maca root + snug dress pants + manspreading = Female Hysterics

  • Yeah, but:

    Does she go on Tumblr to complain about you? Bad hysterics.
    Does she smile and get closer to you? Good hysterics.

  • Henning

    Other things (I am not sure of which did the testicle increase, and suspected testosterone increase): Resveratrol at 500mg (a bit expensive if you get the pure stuff which you should), Vitamin D (2-5k units), lots of saturated fat.
    I grew noticeably (5+ml), didn’t measure except afterwards but it wasn’t fat on my legs causing the need for different sitting-position. Possibly delayed puberty (I am 24) but that seems unlikely to coincide, though I was within normal I think on most metrics by this point. Test levels at 460ng/dl before (bleek).

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  • Daniel Lewis Frommherz

    27 now and they continued to grow and one question do they stay large finally are you taking applications for someone care for your boys?

  • Thornton

    I cannot believe this is serious medical information. You HAVE to be kidding me? This sounds like the pills that would give you a great suntan without going into the sun. Yeah. Where are those pills now? And how many people died of RED DYE #2 that was probably in them. Yeah.