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Mailbag: Not All Boomers Are Like That

RICanuck writes in response to my Social Security video:

Your math is correct. BUT…

I am a boomer. Your bitching and whining about the collective decisions of the boomers, and lumping them all in the same category of dunderheads, reminds me, of me, in 1978. In our case we bitched and whined about the WWII generation and the Silents. Now, it must be admitted that the WWII generation was much more tolerant of dissent than the boomers are.

That said, you are quite right to push back against financial rape by the boomers. The economy is brutal towards young people just entering the labour force, even those without student loans. Many boomers don’t care how much their children suffer as long as they get theirs. Also many of the boomers didn’t have children or are estranged from them due to no fault divorce.

Just to cheer you up, I once had a conversation with another boomer in the late 80’s. He said that the way retirement ages were dropping we could all retire at age 55. I said, “We belong to a generation that aborted 25% of our own offspring. I expect no mercy.”

Of course not all boomers are selfish, narcissistic layabouts who care only about themselves. And I’m pretty sure that not everyone in Hiroshima was a zombiefied fascist ready to commit mass murder for the Emperor.

I’m sure that weighed heavily on the Enola Gay’s crew’s consciences as they blew the city to kingdom come.

The difference between me complaining about the Boomers and them complaining about the Greatest Generation/Silent Generation is that they were given the richest, most prosperous civilization in human history and promptly destroyed it with free sex and cultural Marxism. I was handed a post-apocalyptic wasteland and blamed for not being able to make it bloom.

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