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Make Fast Cash Writing Erotica for Kindle by Craven Moorehead

make-fast-cash-writing-erotica-for-kindleHaving once made money doing what the title of this book suggests, I can attest to the relative ease with which any random schmo can make a small fortune tickling the sensitive bits of Amazon shoppers. Even with the glut of free porn available on the Internet nowadays, there’s still enough of a demand for the written stuff that you can make bank even if you have the writing skills of a dyslexic chimp.

Craven Moorehead shows you how in Make Fast Cash Writing Erotica for Kindle, a very brief, very simple guide on turning sexual fetishes into zeroes in your bank account. At a slim ten pages, Moorehead provides a self-publishing guide for dummies, explaining everything from how to set up an account with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to how to write erotic stories that are guaranteed to sell big. And I’ll admit that his secret to making money is pretty clever:

One of my books is a Comedy/Ethnic story called “Poop Lover Xin.” I’m sure the title is shocking for some readers, but I’ve made a decent amount of money with this title (without any promotion or marketing). The reason why I make money is that nobody would ever think to write about this type of subject matter (an Asian kid who loves to rub poop all over himself), but there are plenty of deranged people who are willing to spend their hard-earned money on this type of material.

Moorehead’s promotional methods remind me of Victor Pride’s now out-of-print book The Spartan Entrepreneur, albeit involving far less work than that book did. While I found myself constantly annoyed by Moorehead’s frequent typos and sloppy proofreading (I edited that excerpt above to look more professional), Make Fast Cash is a great introduction to self-publishing books and a worthy read. Passive income is within your grasp; you just need to reach out and grab it.

Click here to buy Make Fast Cash Writing Erotica for Kindle.

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  • peregrinejohn

    I’d be interested to see his take on which sex to make one’s nom de plume, as compared to your experiment in the genre.

  • I made a joke in 2012 that I wasn’t going to tell anybody how I was making money, until I couldn’t make much money at it anymore, at which point I would shamelessly cash in by writing a book telling everybody they should do it to make money. Haven’t gotten around to it yet, better get to work on it.

    You can still make a few bucks but the craze has cooled, the amount of material available has increased exponentially, a lot of pro authors have jumped on the bandwagon, and Amazon is blocking books left and right.

  • Renny

    TeacherX, You always say things like that. be a bit more positive.

  • Kim Du Toit

    Unsaid in the above title: “…always supposing you never want to get a real job at any time ever in the future.” Yeah, when prospective employers’ HR departments check you up and find that you’re the proud author of “Anal Slut Maidens of Castle Doom”, they’re just gonna line up to hire you.

  • It’s called a pseudonym. Hint: “Craven Moorehead” isn’t the guy’s real name either.

  • scriptflipper

    “far less work then* that book did. While I found myself constantly annoyed by Moorehead’s frequent typos and sloppy proofreading” *than

  • Kim Du Toit

    Yeah good luck using a pseudonym AND making money… at some point, you’ll be exposed — it took about two weeks with the 50 Shades author. Pseudonyms ALWAYS get discovered. Just try avoiding paying tax on your earnings with a pseudonym — you see, there HAS to be a link. Mr. “Moorehead” doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about. Writing anonymous porn sounds like a good idea, but unfortunately, it won’t work in real life, unless you don’t care about your reputation.