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Male Health Protocol by Pill Scout

Pill Scout is one of the manosphere’s best-kept secrets, offering detailed and legit information on pills, drugs, herbs and other supplements that improve health and enhance your life. Now he’s busted out with two new books focusing on different aspects of masculine health.

If you’re looking for a crash course in nutrition, Male Health Protocol is a must-buy.

Protocol is a lean, mean guide that shows you precisely what tweaks you need to make to your diet. Pill Scout’s recommendations are loosely based on Paleo advice, though he dispenses with religious dogma and just advises you to avoid artificial foods:

One of Joe’s theories is that Dave Asprey, the man behind the Bulletproof Coffee craze, emphasizes mycotoxin-free coffee for his Bulletproof because the high oil content of the Bulletproof coffee recipe causes the mycotoxins to cross through the digestive tract and into the brain – something that may not have been the case if he hadn’t been adding all that oil in it to begin with.

True to his name, Pill Scout also offers a list of recommended supplements depending on your fitness and health needs. The book is largely short on explanation, so don’t buy it if you need descriptions of the science behind its recommendations. Pill Scout also offers advice on boosting your mood and avoiding depression:

If you aren’t getting your B vitamins either, a little B complex supplement is a good quick fix for a diet devoid of these nutrients. At my local health food store they sell 30 tablets of a vitamin B complex for under $6. When I’m extra tight on money, I just cut the tablets in half and double the amount of tablets I can take. It’s not the best substitute as the bioavailability of some of these nutrients are questionable, but the probiotics/prebiotics will take care of you there.

I would fault Male Health Protocol in two departments. The first is that while not bad, Pill Scout’s prose could have used an editor; there are too many typos for my liking. The second is the fact that at the end of the book, he directs you to a web page with a list of supplements instead of just listing them in the book. It’s a technique Frost used with the original version of The Freedom Twenty-Five Lifestyle Guide, and it’s just as annoying here as it was there.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for an intelligent, informative and odd-angle approach to health and fitness, Male Health Protocol is a great resource.

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