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The Manosphere Does Tunica and Memphis, and You’re Invited


That’s right, you sorry SOBs, we’re back. From November 9th through the 14th, the Evil Patriarchy/Manosphere/Beaver-Trapping Conspiracy will be assembling in Tunica, MS (near Memphis) for gambling, drinking, and drug abuse. Uncle Mitch, TempestTcup and her husband DoktorBill, Matt Lawrence (Technoronin), Ace and myself will be in attendance.


While I’ve never been to Tunica before, according to Tempest, it’s one of the biggest gambling resorts in America: the only bigger ones are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It’s also dirt cheap: aside from Friday and Saturday, rooms at the Fitz (the casino/hotel where we’re staying) are only $39 a night. And of course, Memphis is just a half-hour up the interstate if we get bored.

I had originally been planning to make this a road trip: rent a car in Syracuse and drive all the way to Memphis and back. I am absolutely sick to death of airplanes and the TSA and I wanted to hit up a few friends on the way down. I balked when I discovered that any savings from renting a car as opposed to flying would be eaten up by the cost of gas. Additionally, I’m terrible when it comes to long distance driving, particularly in the Midwest.

I once nearly crashed my car multiple times driving from Chicago to St. Louis because the highways are… so… boring… to… look… at.

As a result, I’m flying into Memphis on Sunday afternoon (Nov. 9) and will be staying until Friday. Anyone who is interested in joining us, you better book fast. The last time we got together resulted in an epic tale of betrayal, degeneracy and fatty fucking: a story for the ages. It’s a story so ridiculous that I’m immortalizing it in a book (that will be out soon… I promise).

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  • I look forward to you coming out here. Perhaps we can link up since I live in Memphis.

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  • Sean

    Had the flights from Calgary not been $800 or so I was thinking seriously about attending. It’s just too pricey. On a related note, is there any chance we can get a meetup somewhere north of Tulsa at some point? Damn…

  • Bullitt315

    Ha, if you think Chicago to St. Louis is bad (it is), try driving across Kansas