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Why Married Men Deserve to Get Screwed Over in Divorce

This post will not endear me to the MRA loser brigade. I don’t care; it’s the truth.

Unless he’s your friend, you have no reason to care about any man who get raped in divorce.

And no, I’m not going to give some keyboard jockey reason why: “Oh well, if he just had better game, she wouldn’t have divorced him.” It’s a matter of intelligence, not game.

Twenty years ago, the Internet didn’t exist except in fetal form; CompuServe dialup on a 386. Marriage was still largely assumed to be a good thing, and the means to spread the truth didn’t exist.

Ten years ago, the Internet was still in its Wild West Goatse stage, used mainly by computer geeks. The truth about marriage was still buried and difficult to find.

Now, in the year 2012?

The reality of marriage in America is easier to find than a used needle in a junkie’s trash can. Blogs, forums and websites exposing the dangers of divorce and the sheer ass-poundage of family courts are everywhere. And every man knows (or knows a guy who knows) at least one poor bastard who’s living in a crummy studio apartment with lawn furniture because his paychecks are being garnished for child support and/or alimony. The manosphere is popular and growing, and our ideas are seeping out into the public consciousness.

In other words, the reality about how much of a risk marriage is—and how little of a payoff it provides—is common knowledge.

In previous decades, men who got divorced were worthy of sympathy because none of this was well-known. Now? Any man outside of a strict religious subculture who gets married in this climate is a fool.

More than a fool though, he’s arrogant.

He thinks he’s a special little snowflake. That he’s exempt from the rules. That his little snookums is different from all those other bitches.

Pride goeth before the fall.

So if you have a friend who wants to get married, do your damndest to talk him out of it. But if he does it anyway, don’t give him a shoulder to cry on when he finds himself out on his ass in five years. You told him so.

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