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Masculinity Reborn

This is a guest post by Maximus, an excerpt from his unfinished book.

It is time for a new theory of man.

A new theory about human nature.

A new theory about gender and sexual differences.

A new theory about how men and women truly relate and mate.

A new theory about social and political organization.

A new theory that explains almost everything about man and his world.

A new theory that… is actually not all that new.

A theory that is actually quite old, as old as man himself, and one which he discovered only a mere 5000+ years or so ago.

A theory that has been denigrated and forgotten. The theory called man, masculinity and patriarchy.

I can hear the feathers bristle on the backs of harpy feminists and their liberal and conservative supplicants already. Let the hypocrites screech and holler, it will do them no good in the pure light of truth.

I am asking you, dear reader, to put away the most destructive preconceptions about human nature and society that “modern” Western culture (our true culture was lost decades ago) has ever produced in man’s history: feminism, gender equality and the so-called oppressive evils of man and his so-called patriarchal nature.

I will present to you new facts and ideas whose only chance of a fair hearing will be if you put away every modern, Western, secular, religious, right-vs.-left, capitalist-vs.-socialist world view of the very real Matrix of lies and deceit that guide your every thought and decision in your life in this, the “modern and advanced” age of the 21st century.

Some of the cognitive dissonance challenges you will face in discarding your preconceptions of the world will entail contemplating the following:

  • The paradox that as supposedly equal as men and women are, the new scientific discoveries of genetics, biology and psychology of the recent 20 years is showing this to be a complete lie: males and females, man and woman, are 100 percent different in every way.
  • That much of what the ancients and folklore had to say about the sexes is being proven true by science.
  • That these differences between the sexes is not one of quality, but of specific kind. Qualitatively, the sexes are equally human. In kind, that is in their thinking and behaviour, we are not even on the same planet. Mars and Venus do have their separate and distinct orbits of existence apparently.
  • That to acknowledge these new truths is to acknowledge the profound consequences our currently false social, political and ideological 21st century paradigms are having on our children’s future happiness—nay, their very survival, right now, in the most disturbing and depressing of ways.
  • That acceptance of these new facts is going to require the biggest act of courage both men and women have ever faced in their evolutionary history. That we are going to finally have to work together as respectful partners, not equals, in the continuation of the human race and civilized society.
  • That to continue to deny this… to continue to embrace the politics of feminism and “equality” will, and is already in evidence, be the utter death and destruction of the entire human race as we rapidly approach the point of a uni-culture.

Some of the new facts and ideas you are going to have to evaluate and consider are:

  • That man, the male, is a miracle and the sole source of evolutionary creation in the universe.
  • That differences in thought, word and deed between the sexes is hardwired and naturally ordained.
  • That these sexual differences evolved for our happiness and proper functioning in order to continue to evolve the human race toward greater interconnectedness and intellectual and spiritual development.
  • That the male is responsible for Darwin’s evolutionary propagation of all sexually reproducing life forms on earth.
  • That the female is responsible for selecting new innovational, evolutionary paths and in a way only her feminine, whimsical, capricious and fanciful nature could possibly produce.
  • That man’s transition from cave to castle—the beginning of civilization—was only possible because of the sexual restraint and restriction of woman’s raw sexual power.
  • That in restraining and restricting woman’s sexuality, man’s innate creative talents were unleashed, birthing to the world the very philosophies, religions and politics that make the world the increasingly complex (and therefore higher evolved) state that modern, secular and effeminate man is now on the brink of destroying.
  • That the economic, social and political chaos in the world today is due to the lack of real men and women doing their part to restrain their more base and animal natures (which is why the elite encourage our debasement and debauchery on every flip of the media channel) .
  • – That the feminist definition of man and the theory of patriarchy is patently false and is in truth, a projection of woman’s violent, controlling and destructive nature onto men.
  • That patriarchy is the natural evolution of the human race in terms of social organization and is the only form that will push man to even higher levels of spiritual, intellectual and social complexity and advancement.
  • That unless we undo the past 50 to 100 years of feminist lies and propaganda demonizing men and masculinity, we will be returning to the caves and much of the world’s knowledge and wisdom will be lost for all time, until man once again learns to say no to woman’s neverending demands to serve the selfish needs of her and her progeny to the detriment of all.

Yes, I am going to attempt to prove everything I have just outlined above. Drawing on scholarly, scientific and historic literature, fiction and nonfiction, even movies and plays, all the above will be presented to you in the most straightforward manner, with ample evidence and logical argument that will prove hard to refute. Ironically, most of my evidence will come from the mouths of feminists themselves. The old adage of not being able “to see the forest for the trees” will be shown to be as true today as it ever was. Feminists, and those that adhere to their fantasies, are utterly blind to the true nature of men and women.

The whole of human history is the story of the sexes and their perpetual conflict to propagate both genes and memes, babies and politics. If given the chance, I think this book will prove to be one of the most beautiful works of the beginning of the 21st century. A book that pulls no ideological punches and states bluntly what science and the historical record is beginning to show beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The human race needs real masculine men, and feminine women, if it is to survive and thrive.

If humanity is going to reach the new age of enlightenment we are apparently on the cusp of realizing, it cannot and will not happen unless the truth about the nature of man and woman is revealed and accepted.

My life, my thinking, my awe and wonder of humanity and its place in the universe, and now this book, have been focused solely on one question…

What is a man?

Like the block of marble discarded as useless that Michelangelo turned into David, man and masculinity have been denigrated and discredited for too long as useless and oppressive to our modern way of thinking and living. I hope the words of this book will act like Michelangelo’s chisel to the block of feminist dogma and ideology that is current, 21st century Western culture: matriarchal, “liberal,” atheist feminism and socialism. The chipping away and removal of the lies and propaganda that are covering the beauty that is man in this 21st century age of near collapse of the human race and civilization.

One look at the statue of David leaves no question or doubt to the task that lays before man. His body is relaxed and unhurried, yet poised for action and immediate response.

His mind focused on the single task before him, yet in deep contemplation of the circumstances and context he finds himself acting within.

His jaw unflinching in determination and fortitude, not in wrathful anger or prideful arrogance.

His lips pressed in concern for the future, knowing his actions will speak louder than any words could ever convey if he were to part them.

His eyes full of resolve, yet melancholic. For he is fully conscious of his knowledge that man has yet to be a man. For if man was so realized in the divinely perfect state for which he is capable of choosing to attain, he would not be poised to strike his deluded and misguided brother.

This is the calm before the storm. This is masculinity reborn.

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