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Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 2: Gamma Mindset

On this episode of Matt Forney After Hours, I’m joined by Davis Aurini, Daniel Friberg and Melissa Mészáros for a discussion on gamma males: what they are, what makes them tick, why they’re so dangerous, and how you can deal with them. We talk about our experiences dealing with gamma males and how they’ve tried to ruin our lives, such as how former Arktos editor-in-chief John Morgan tried to destroy the company at the behest of Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson. This episode originally aired on March 24, 2017.

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  • Andrew Stallard

    Great talk

    This sort of personality is always a joy if they are in a position of authority.

    I had gamma male tendencies when I was a teenager. I would tell my fellow high school students things like I just got a Corvette and if they believed me I would then tell them I was accepted at Cal-Tech and if they continued to believe me I would tell them I got a scholarship. Eventually everybody figured out I was a BS artist. I have since outgrown this.