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Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 5: 15 Minutes of Alpha (Complete Series on Sale This Week Only!)

Because of drama that occurred last week and because I was traveling between Hungary and Ukraine over the weekend, I was unable to publish the latest episodes of my podcasts The Matt Forney Show and Matt Forney After Hours last Friday. Both episodes were already recorded, but I didn’t have time to edit and mix them.

While editing both podcasts this morning, I realized that the new episode of The Matt Forney Show (an interview) is inaudible due to technical problems during recording, so it will have to be published on Wednesday. Because of this, I’m releasing Episode 5 of Matt Forney After Hours on its own today. Furthermore, to entice you to check out the episode, I’ve released a small excerpt you can listen to for free.

Additionally, to make up for the lateness of both episodes, I’m selling the Matt Forney After Hours Complete Series for 40 percent off this week.

This week’s episode of After Hours is called “15 Minutes of Alpha.” In it, I talk about why evolutionary psychology no longer explains the behavior of men and women, discuss Prince and “alpha widows,” and talk about my experiences with borderline women. Length: 54:15.

Listen and download the MP3 below:

To listen to the excerpt on YouTube, click here.

The Complete Series contains every episode of Matt Forney After Hours published to date (currently five). It would ordinarily be priced at $4.99, but is only $2.99 this week. This deal ends Friday, April 14 at 9am Eastern, so if you want this deal, you’ll need to act fast.

  • Click here to buy Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 5 ($0.99) and the Complete Series ($2.99 this week ONLY).

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