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Matt Forney Live: Ann Sterzinger is Lying About Being Raped

NOTE: This livestream was originally aired on September 4, 2018 but was removed not long after. In it, I discuss how it is extremely likely that my ex Ann Sterzinger is lying about having been raped by a black man in August, a story she told on episode 60 of Jim Goad’s Group Hug as part of a bizarre attack on me. In particular, Sterzinger makes several claims about the rape that are contradictory:

  • Sterzinger claims that she kept the door to her apartment open and unlocked despite knowing that her neighbor was allowing potentially violent homeless people to live in the building (she alleges that her rapist was one of these homeless).
  • Sterzinger claims that she asked the rapist to use a condom and he agreed. Since when are rapists concerned with safe sex? Moreover, since the rapist was homeless and presumably destitute, where did he obtain the condom? Was he carrying one, or did Sterzinger offer it to him? If she was capable of offering a condom to her attacker, why didn’t she try to escape or call for help? Not only that, she claims that her attacker had placed her hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming, so how did she communicate any this to him?
  • Sterzinger claims that the rapist put on a condom, that an empty condom wrapper was found on the ground, AND that the police found semen inside of her after the attack. These two claims contradict each other.
  • Despite having been “brutally raped” just a few days before her appearance on Davis Aurini’s live stream with Jim Goad and me, Sterzinger had no visible signs of injury: no bruises, no cuts, no physical disabilities, and no broken bones. The closest thing to physical evidence of her supposed attack was her tired appearance and bizarre, unfocused rambling, suggesting she was drunk or on drugs when she was on the stream.
  • Sterzinger has thus far failed to produce any evidence that she was raped. The only evidence Goad and her have provided thus far is this: a picture of a hospital bracelet, which proves nothing other than the fact that she was hospitalized; a generic sexual assault info pamphlet, which she could have gotten from anywhere; a police report, which proves nothing other than the fact that she filed a police report (and suspiciously does not have her name written on it); and a prescription for an anti-HIV medication, which proves nothing other than the fact that she got a prescription. Sterzinger has also claimed that she spent $200 to scan the police report and prescription and put it online (even though they were already in her possession), and has repeatedly demanded donations to obtain more evidence, even though she is entitled to receive evidence for free as part of her right to discovery in a criminal case.
  • Sterzinger claims that her alleged rapist is still living in her building as of September 29th, but on the August 31st episode of the Weekly Sweat, Jim Goad claims that the rapist was arrested. Moreover, why is Sterzinger still living in the building if her attacker is still there and the police are purportedly uninterested in apprehending him? Remember that according to Goad, she was reluctant to call the police because she was afraid her assailant would go after her again.
  • In a Medium article published on December 2nd, Sterzinger changed her story yet again, claiming that her rapist had held her down and kept his hand over her mouth the entire time, preventing her from speaking to or even looking at him. How did she ask him to use a condom, then? Also, how did he open up a condom one-handed? Opening a condom wrapper with one hand is virtually impossible, particularly if you’re trying to restrain an unwilling victim. Additionally, why did Sterzinger expect the police to arrest a random neighbor of hers when she didn’t even know what her assailant looked like?
  • In a December 22 live stream on Luke Ford’s channel, Jim Goad admitted to sleeping with Sterzinger shortly after she was raped. This is more evidence that she is lying, and on the off-chance that she was raped, it was a deeply manipulative move on Goad’s part.
  • In an April 5 Discord conversation I had with a YouTube host named Shamrocknroll, I learned details of Sterzinger’s life just prior to the alleged rape. According to Shamrocknroll, during the summer of 2018, he hired Sterzinger for an editing project which she never completed, scamming him out of over $100 (which puts her recent attempt to beg for donations on Facebook in a new light). Additionally, during a meeting they had to discuss the project, Sterzinger got drunk (despite her public claims that she doesn’t drink) and attempted to force herself on him in the same way she forced herself on me during our first meeting. She then urinated herself and offered to have sex with or go down on Shamrocknroll, stating that she was attracted to the fact that he was partially black (putting her claim that . Several months later, after she relocated to L.A. following the alleged rape, Shamrocknroll attempted to get her to restart the project over email, and she began claiming that the two of them had had a sexual relationship even though they had never done more than kiss. Sterzinger also lied to him about her age and attempted to convince him to break up with his girlfriend by claiming she would have his children. (Screenshots of the conversation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.)

I’m putting the livestream back up as a response to Sterzinger’s continued public smears against me (ex: here) and for the benefit of her alleged attacker’s defense team. If asked, I am willing to testify against Sterzinger in a court of law, because I don’t want to see her continue to lie, smear, and abuse men and get away with it.

My belief is that Sterzinger fabricated the rape as part of a revenge plot against me. Last year, after she began publicly accusing me of blackmail (after more than a year of smearing and defaming me), I published the article “A Warning to Ann Sterzinger’s Next Boyfriend,” detailing how she manipulated, abused, gaslit, and cheated on me for the nearly two years that we were in a relationship. Sterzinger is bisexual, suffers from borderline personality disorder, and has a history of abusing her boyfriends and girlfriends, and having contacted several of her exes, I can confirm that I’m far from the only person she has victimized.

Because Sterzinger is a borderline, she enjoys playing the victim and she continuously fixates on her exes, and she is particularly obsessed with me due to the fact that I shattered her false reality and exposed her treachery to the world. Less than two weeks after I published my article on her, she emailed me begging me to delete it because she was terrified that her then-boyfriend or employers might see it (as of this writing, it’s currently number two for a Google search of her name); I did as she asked because I wanted the issue to die. Last month, she manipulated Jim Goad into launching a character assassination campaign against me, playing on his weakness for borderline and mentally ill women (twenty years ago, he served a prison sentence for nearly murdering his BPD ex-girlfriend after she psychologically abused him for months) and their mutual dislike for me.

I believe Goad wants to sleep with Sterzinger (EDIT: this has been confirmed) and went after me in an attempt to impress her. She has a history of manipulating people into fighting over her, having done it to me twice. The first time was when she used me to get back at her ex-lover/business partner Rachel Haywire. The second was when she tried to use me to attack the man she was dating prior to me (and whom she had cheated on with me), nearly talking me into publishing a post on my blog smearing him as a “narcissist” two years ago.

If this sounds far-fetched, remember that Sterzinger is a borderline: borderlines, narcissists, and psychopaths are perfectly willing to hurt themselves in order to hurt people they hate even more. For an example of this, see this story about a narcissist who engineered a car crash specifically to murder his wife. Also see this podcast I recorded on women with borderline personality disorder as well as this article on the self-destructive nature of borderlines.

While I would rather let this drama die, the fact that Sterzinger and Goad chose to resurrect it and continue to attack me publicly means I will be forced to periodically respond to her lies in the future. For example, Sterzinger deliberately published her address and phone number online in the hope that I would pick up on it and organize a harassment campaign, and when I failed to do so, she lied about being SWATted and attempted to blame me for it. As for Goad, given his reputation as a critic of feminism and false rape accusations, the fact that he is promoting Sterzinger’s nonsensical story has destroyed his credibility.

It should be noted that on the off-chance that Sterzinger actually WAS raped, her public actions (telling a contradictory story about it, using the rape to get back at me) will all but assure a “not guilty” verdict for her attacker. It also reveals Goad as a psychopath given that he used a rape victim in order to win an online argument (EDIT: and then subsequently manipulated her into having sex with him).

More information about Sterzinger’s mendacity and mental illness can be found in the livestream and links below.

On this episode of Matt Forney Live, I discussed my ex Ann Sterzinger lying about the fact that she was raped by a black man. I also took your calls. The show aired yesterday at 10PM Eastern (9PM Central/7PM Pacific).

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