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Matt Forney Live: Jim Goad Always Lies, Jim Goad Always Projects, Jim Goad Always Doubles Down

On this episode of Matt Forney Live, I’ll be discussing how Jim Goad and Ann Sterzinger are melting down after Goad was humiliated by Beardson Beardly, Prince Hubris, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Bryden Proctor, and myself on a livestream, how I caught him using another sockpuppet named “John Brome” (and how he’s lying after getting caught), how he stupidly admitted to sleeping with Sterzinger while she was still emotionally vulnerable after being supposedly raped, and more. I’ll also be taking your calls. The show will air this afternoon at 3:30 PM Eastern (2:30 PM Central/12:30 PM Pacific).

Watch the show live below (you can also use it to watch a recording after the show ends):

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