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Matt Forney Live: Vacation Gun and Bible School with Davis Aurini and Artistic Layman

Many of my readers are also fans of Davis Aurini and the thrice-weekly live show he hosts with Artistic Layman, a show on which I’m a frequent guest. Because Aurini will be on vacation for the next two weeks, Artistic Layman and I will be guest-hosting the show on my YouTube channel. Our seventh and final show will air tonight at 7PM Eastern (6PM Central/4PM Pacific).

On this episode of Matt Forney Live, Artistic Layman and I welcome back Davis Aurini from his two-week vacation. We discuss what he saw and did while he was away and his thoughts on the future of America and Western civilization.

Watch the show live below (you can also use it to watch a recording after the show ends):

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This episode of Matt Forney Live was co-hosted by Artistic Layman. Visit his website here, subscribe to his YouTube channel here, follow him on Twitter here, and follow him on Gab here.

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