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Matt Forney Q&A Session (of Fun)


Wednesday, August 13th marks the one year anniversary of The Matt Forney Show (formerly Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza). I really never thought that I’d still be doing these podcasts a year later, or that I’d outlast virtually every other podcast that sprung up around that same time (Manosphere Radio, The Donlak Show and The Podcast for 50among others).

But I’m here, I’m still recording, and you’re still listening.

I’ve purchased decent recording equipment. I’ve learned how to project my voice and not stutter all over the place. I’ve realized the value of show prep. I’ve had on countless guests from celebrated authors to… less celebrated authors. I’ve even expanded back into doing YouTube videos, because why not? I put my mind to it and just fucking did it, and now I’m succeeding.

Now for the one-year anniversary, I want to turn the mic over to you.

Inspired by Victor Pride and Mike @ Danger & Play, I’m doing my own Q&A session. On August 13, I’ll be hosting a special podcast in which I answer questions that you give me. There are no rules and no limits. Anything at all—career advice, my thoughts on current events, international travel, making money and so forth—you ask it, I’ll answer it.

While I’ve been plugging my upcoming Q&A session for a while now via my podcast and elsewhere, I figured it would be a good idea to create a central post where you can ask your questions. Feel free to ask me anything by commenting on this post, or if you’re feeling shy, send your questions to my email using subject line “Podcast Q&A.” My hope is to get enough questions to fill out an hour-long podcast, and possibly more.

The deadline to get your questions in is Monday, August 11th, as I will be recording the podcast on Tuesday. The more questions I get, the better a show it will be, so don’t be afraid to let me know what’s on your mind. Thanks for all your support so far.

  • No Remorse

    Can you name some of your favorite books and movies that are more obscure titles we probably havent heard of?

  • pierre

    You being an remarkable writer, did it ever cross your mind that you’d be working on a company like NY Times, Rolling Stones or Huffington post and etc. and what sort of other plans did you have in mind to undergo with, apart from blogging.

    lastly, do you have a role model as a writer? someone whom you want to emulates writing style or aspire to be in the future.

  • pierre

    Hi matt, i have another question.
    i just read your tweet about the film Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Can you please talk more about this issues you have with modern movies, on what are those things that you hate.

  • Tiger Jockey

    Hey Matt, how do you feel about some of the more “woo woo”/”New Age”/Spiritual topics that get brought up on some male improvement sites; ranging from some down to earth stuff like auto-suggestion and NLP techniques, to meditation and and things usually reserved for religious/spiritual practices, to guys bringing up charkas, “energy”, chi, and psychedelics like DMT?