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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 90: Rising Up


In this episode of the show, I talk to Beppo Venerdi. We discuss the rise and fall of the manosphere, the value of a STEM degree, geek out over Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II, and a whole lot more. I also talk about my Let’s Play of Hatred.

Listen below:

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  • Doctor Mayhem

    Oh God… I can’t even begin with how sick I am with, not just the Manosphere beefs, but the general direction that it’s starting to take after Roosh made Neomasculinity (not Neomasculinity itself, but the unrelated aftermath). At this rate, the so-called Manosphere is nothing more than PUA+.

    Example, this kind of bullshit:

    You won’t find the following comment in this thread, it got deleted. These fucking so-called “Manosphere” and “Red Pill” fucking admins are such little special snowflakes, they’re now censoring anyone who questions their delicate, and pathetic sensibilities.
    I said to this faggot:

    What is this, Tumblr? Has TRP turned into a bastian for beta cucks to scream “YOU CAN’T JUDGE ME! DON’T JUDGE!” and where the sheep bleat all day about how bad judging and your stupid morality is? Is this what TRP has come to? People who lack the testicular fortitude to either tell moral busybodies to go fuck themselves, or lack the internal compass to at least evaluate themselves?

    So now we turn to censorship.

    I find it interesting that you quoted Illimitable Man and his latest article. I recall him going on an epic rant last year against people like OP and the popular posters in this very thread. Has he suddenly changed his mind? I’d love to see his thoughts on this.

    There was also this:

    When you try to rationalise that as amoral, “it’s all part of the game,” you care, a lot. You don’t want people to think of you as immoral, so you try to say it’s not good or bad but that it just simply “is.”

    “Bro-knighting” (a ridiculous term if I’ve ever heard one) is an issue of moral contention within the red pill subreddit

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  • Daniel Holland

    I think Beppo is misunderstanding the umbrage with H1b visas.
    If that was it, nobody would care.

    But what we have is: affirmative action, DIVERSITY (which always means fewer whites and fewer white men in particular), the need for skilled labor being used as a justification for mas immigration and racist policies against whites.
    It isn’t just science becoming global and people being small minded.

    And vdare does plenty of stories on how h1bs being pursued in areas without demand.

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