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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 104: Social Justice vs. Socialism


In this episode, sidekick Ann Sterzinger (finally) joins me to interview novelist Jamie Mason. We discuss how social justice warriors have destroyed the left and the struggle for workers’ rights, the upcoming Canadian election and its relevance to Americans (and the world at large), and the slow-motion collapse of the Western political establishment. We also talked about Jamie’s new novella Gavin’s War and his upcoming release The Book of Ashes.

Listen below:

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  • As hard as this may be to remember, leftism was actually founded in order to protect farmers and factory workers from bourgeois, decadent, effete, overeducated, libertine urbanized elites. That’s why its symbol was a workman’s hammer and a farmer’s sickle. As one might have expected from a philosophy so ignorant of both economics and human nature, leftism ended up doing the exact opposite of what it set out to do; it ended up being used as a weapon by the people it deplored against the people it was trying to help. The working class has been abandoned. The Republicans never cared about them, and the Democrats were last seen even pretending to care about them in a Dick Gephardt speech sometime around 1983. The face of modern leftism is upper-middle-class white women with Master’s degrees in economically useless fields complaining about the content of video games, while what used to be the native-born working class sinks deeper into poverty, hopelessness, purposelessness, welfare dependency, oxycontin and/or methamphetamine abuse, and self-destructive sexual irresponsibility.

    But hey, at least the next Tomb Raider game will likely star a black transsexual atheist feminist otherkin. That’s progress for you.

  • Kudzu_Bob

    It is indeed striking how the Leftists who used to decry the use of scabs to break unions and to hold down wages now promote use the use of cheap immigrant labor to break unions and to hold down wages. Jack London would have despised these frauds.

  • Melanie Safka

    Jack London was a plagiarist

  • Kudzu_Bob

    Even so, he wrote one of the greatest short stories of all time–“To Build a Fire.”

  • Melanie Safka

    plagiarists don’t write, they fence stolen goods

  • Kudzu_Bob

    Tell it to Shakespeare, who pinched with the best of them.

    O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend
    The brightest heaven of invention

  • Kudzu_Bob

    And you have stolen my heart, Melanie. I dedicate this song to you:

  • Melanie Safka

    you really ought to at least get a GED and do some community college

  • Melanie Safka

    weak. very weak. you aren’t even a very good nazi.

  • AZbyNM

    That’s partly why I became a 3rd positionist instead. The Democratic party used to be all about helping the lower strata of American society( working class people, racial minorities) getting a solid footing in America. But the so-called New Left came around, with roots going all the way to the Frankfurt School, a new ‘left’ based on perceived oppression of social minority groups(LGBTQIs, unattractive women, disabled people,non Christians,etc.) heralded by upper-middle class whites,especially Jewish ‘whites’. As they kept on increasingly bullied their way into the Democratic party, as meanwhile @ the same time started taking money from Wall Street as opposed labor unions as it did before, the Democrats headed down the road that eventually made them a neo-liberal corporatist kind of party, the party of the Clintons & Barack Obama, as opposed to the old style Democrats of FDR, JFK & LBJ. So as a result, we now have a 2 party based system that’s really an intra-elite struggle between the SJWs & their corporate backers & the Texas WASPy evangelical types. A type of system where it’s far easier for someone to be for gay rights, gun control & immigration than to stand up for minimum wage laws, better schools & the repeal of so-called ‘right-to work’ laws.