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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 116: Bitches Be Crazy


In this episode, William Rome hops back in the sidekick seat as we talk to Davis Aurini. We discuss the growing rates of mental illness in American women, technology and social dysfunction, game as an adaptation to a broken dating scene, and much more.

Listen below:

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  • 3RD LT Rico

    Dem titties…..where did you get the stock photo?

  • 3RD LT Rico

    When are you three going to get married and make White babies?

  • -A

    The fags started butt chugging with a strange obsession with using wine to douche their rectums. A friend of mine once said: “Now that is real alcohol abuse.”

  • -A

    Carrie Fischer was mostly on lithium when she got over her alcoholism.

  • -A

    Catholics in general drink with their kids, even the Germanic ones. I always said to mom, if she let me drink with Grand Papa sooner, I would get along with my cousins much better.

    Few women can drink men under the table. Some just don’t realize they are cunt-hammered.

  • -A

    Davis, I think that destructive objective-truthers are really just a product of idiots wanting to be seen as objectivists and materialists so that they seem smart. I think there is an idea of the Absolute Truth among atheists but, they argue the difference between preternatural and supernatural. They do not believe in God but they learn to accept the phrase: “It is what it is.”

  • -A

    Great point about dating Aurini! My mother was a child of the seventies and eighties. She was brought up in small town Georgia (a town Forney once bad-mouthed, no less) and she was very keen on talking to me about the difference between “dating” and “finding your steady.” I can remember what she said to me verbatim, when she was in awe at a cousin’s school mate getting married at sixteen. “Why are youngsters so quick to get married in this Godless age? In my day, we dated! Well, we also had something called heavy petting but, we’ll talk about that when you’re older.”