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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 117: Finding Poosy Paradise in the Philippines

In this episode, I talk about my soon-to-be-released book Do the Philippines: How to Make Love with Filipino Girls in the Philippines. I discuss Philippine society, how to cope with culture shock, how to deal with the games Filipinas play, why the Philippines is a strong contender for poosy paradise, and a lot more. I also talk about masculinity, writing and my public image in the context of DT and the Man sneak dissing me for ten minutes on their podcast.

Listen below:

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  • bucky

    dammit. going to see it tomorrow and i didn’t know the thing about han solo. if anybody hasn’t seen the movie yet, skip to about 14:00.

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  • I haven’t considered Clarey a real talker since finding out he’s a total cuck when it comes to race. He turns into a vicious SJW if you try to bring it up on his blog.

  • Tempest

    Hi! I was looking for photos of Filipinos and this brought me to your blog. Then I saw the photo you have on this entry and it looks like an actress in the Philippines. Do you have copyright of her photo?

  • Dakila Isagani-Jazeera

    SHe is Julia Barretto..