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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 120: Live Free, Make ‘Em Cry

john steele

In this episode of the show, I talk to John Steele. We discuss everything from freedom of speech and the authoritarianism of the left, the three-year anniversary of Aaron Swartz’s suicide, the future of the manosphere, and much more. I also talk a bit more about my plans to cover the Iowa presidential caucuses.

Listen below:

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  • Doctor Mayhem

    You reminded me of a growing pet peeve I’ve been dealing with in the alt-right, and with the TRS forums in particular. There is a growing contingent of guys aged 15 (yes, that young) to 19 that like to tell me how I shouldn’t listen to Roosh V because he’s “degenerate” or their latest slur, a “kebab rapist who likes to go to Eastern Europe to rape White women.”

    I keep telling them shit like this: “Kid, I can hear your voice still cracking from puberty. Shut the fuck up and listen to your elders. I wish to GOD that I had someone like me to tell me what to do when I was your age. Read that “degenerate” shit and don’t come talking back until you’ve at least lost your virginity.”

    Too many of these guys think they can go to the Aryan Waifu Vendotron 9000 and put in a hundred bucks, then choose which hair and eye color they want their ideal virgin wife to be.

    Same goes for many of the RAHOWA 1488 purists, or as I like to call them, racial autists, who can’t seem to grasp that there is some fucking nuance to the racial argument. Demographics is destiny, and stereotypes are true, but we still have to judge by deeds. Of course, as expected, most are still in their teenage years.

  • These guys are basically the alt-right equivalent of the “migtow” spambots who chant “ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES DON’T GET MARRIED BETA BETA BETA” (though fortunately that group of spazzes has taken a fucking hike).

  • John Steele

    Because the Alt-Right has experienced such a rapid expansion recently, there will be growing pains as more and more individuals begin to explore these new ideas. IMO this is both good and bad. In one sense it will invariably attract a few crazies, and splinter in to subsets of ideologies (as we are already seeing). But it will also prevent us from being caught inside an echo chamber, and to (hopefully) think for ourselves. My hope is that the good will out-weigh the bad.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Actually, I kind of like how you pointed out ((((echo)))) chamber avoidance, which is a necessity for a growing movement. It doesn’t really matter, though. Anonymous Conservative had a good post about how we’re seeing K-types splinter amongst ourselves because of our competitive natures. When shit hits the fan, our differences get tossed out the window when we go to slaughter these worthless fucking ratlings (my new word for leftoids, because rabbits are cuddly).